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  1. dsuppa

    SMS Vibration

    So when Im at work I like to have my phone on vibrate, but the SMS vibration is too short/weak for me, the phone I can feel, but the SMS always gets missed. I have MyProfiles set up to have the ringer set to vib at work and was able to up the intensity of the vibration from there, but the only...
  2. dsuppa

    Photos Are Upside Down AHHHHH

    I have this strange problem with any photo I take on the iPhone if i turn the phone sideways to take a landscape picture then DL the picture to my MacBook the image thumbnail is sideways, but when you open it in Preview or iPhoto it comes out straight. This doesn't really bother me it's when I...
  3. dsuppa

    Unknown error while performing update

    iPhone is restoring now :embarrassed:. I tried to download the new update and it errored and said Unkown Error so all I have it the yellow exclamation, and have to restore. This wouldn't piss me off so much if I wasn't at work and now have a full day of now videos or music :(
  4. dsuppa

    Syncing 2 phones

    I have 2 iPhones and only 1 computer at home that can sync with them. I want to sync all the contacts, calendars, and Links from each phone then restore the phones and resync with all the info going back onto the proper phones. Is this possible?
  5. dsuppa

    Most Used Feature

    So what do you use your iPhone more for? Phone, Internet, Music or Video Player. Personally I use the video about 80% of the time if I'm using the iPod. I sync new movies/tv shows everyday. Currently I have Borat LOTR - Fellowship The Matrix Reno 911 - six episodes Spiderman 3 Wild Hogs...
  6. dsuppa

    Vista 64

    Has anyone been able to get the iPhone to sync with Vista Home Premium 64? I would really like to be able to sync to my desktop instead of having to boot the laptop up all the time just to add a song. Plus all my files are on the pc so I had to copy them to the laptop to sync otherwise it would...
  7. dsuppa

    Background on Home Screen

    So has anyone found out how to add a background image to the home screen instead of just a black screen?
  8. dsuppa

    Something cool I just found out

    Just now reading my email for no apparent reason I swiped my finger across the email in my inbox and it popped up the delete button! Tried this in iPod mode and it worked there as well. Sorry if this has already been posted, but I thought it was pretty cool.
  9. dsuppa

    Starting to Lose my mind

    Every since I got this phone I have been obsessed with keeping the screen clean, now every 5 minutes I have to wipe the screen to get off all the finger prints, even if I'm still using the phone afterwards. I swear to god I'm starting to go mental here :foot:
  10. dsuppa

    Just Got a Very Strange SMS

    Says its from 362-45 and the message is Anyone ever get strange SMS like this?
  11. dsuppa

    Returning my iPhone today

    And getting an 8gb. When I bought these 2 phones I thought 4gb was enough, yes it wasn't. I just called Apple and asked them if I could do that and I can which is really cool since I bought it at at & t and not at that Apple store. :smile:
  12. dsuppa

    Selling my cases

    I have 2 of the belkin clear clases for sale, bought them the day I got the iPhones but me or the wife don't use them, theyre 25 at at & t or Apple. I'm selling them for 15 + shipping each. Not sure if this is posted in the right place or not, if I'm wrong let me know and I'll have a mod move it.
  13. dsuppa

    Couple Questions

    I work at a desk all day and always left my iPod in its dock all day to keep the battery fully charged. Is it bad to do this with my iPhone or should it be the same as doing it with the iPod? Is there anyway to make the background of the home screen display your background image? Or is it only...
  14. dsuppa

    Add Button to the Home Screen

    Is there anyway to add additional buttons to the mail screen for direct linking to web apps?