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    WiFi on/off app

    I realize that to turn on/off your wifi and/or bluetooth, you go into settings and turn them on/off. I am looking for something on the 'desktop' that is always there and quick to use. You would think there would be such an app. I have a VZW iPhone 4 running 6.1.3
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    Downgrading from 5.1 Here is a method of downgrading from your iOS 5.1 to 5.0.1 and prior. IF you have saved previous SHSH blobs, it works. I don't have my previous SHSH blobs and I can't downgrade. I...
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    Who hates Apple?

    I know this is a funny question to ask on a forum dedicated to Apple products. Otherwise, do you hate Apple?
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    iTunes Password GOOF

    I say it is a goof, but I am not sure what is going on. I had to restore my iPhone. When I tried to set it up, I had to enter the Apple ID. I entered the same ID and password I've used for years. It keeps telling my that the ID and password aren't right. BULL! I am unable to completely set up my...
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    Siri w/o Proxy

    I installed this great app that is a version of Siri. Anyone hear of it? Siri is installed and functions. Siri comes on but cannot do anything worth while. It just keeps saying, "I can't help you now...
  6. My-phone

    I hate iTunes.

    I have had iTunes forever because of iPods. I now have a touch, iPad2 and never had a bit of trouble. Now, that I have an iPhone, iTunes wants to baulk on me. I have to fight to get new music added,my photos are disappearing when I sync my phone and ringtones have become a nightmare. My wife has...