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  1. gcvt

    Sad Day, Steve Jobs has died

    Very sad. What an innovator.
  2. gcvt

    Unlocking a 2G (3.1.2/04.05.04): Blacksn0w or Pwnage 3.1.4?

    Hi all - this is my first attempt at unlocking. I'm trying to unlock a friends v1 phone for him to use in South America for a month while his race team is down in Argentina and Chile for the Dakar Rally. With the recent release of ra1n/sn0w, should I be using that method or should I be using...
  3. gcvt

    No luck at the Apple Store in San Francisco

    Was this at the downtown store or the Stonestown Mall store?
  4. gcvt

    video of WWDC ?

    It's right there on the Apple home page.
  5. gcvt

    Who's not buying a 3G iPhone?

    I'll be keeping my iDay iPhone. Nothing on the new phone tickles my fancy enough to but one.
  6. gcvt

    Now that you've gone iPhone, could you go back?

    I could NEVER go back to my RAZR....or Verizon for that matter!
  7. gcvt

    Is Charging the iPhone Overnight Bad?

    I've charged mine over night every night since iDay and still have exceptional battery life.
  8. gcvt

    MacBook Best Mac Mail Client?

    I still use the Mail app, but have had great success with Eudora in the past. Doesn't look too fancy or anything, but works well and is stable.
  9. gcvt

    MacBook Pro My New MacBookPro Pics

    Congratulations! She's gorgeous :D Screw MS!
  10. gcvt

    iPhone volume booster?

  11. gcvt

    Help please !!

    Can you give us more information? Jailbroken? Unlocked? Any recent changes/updates? Was it functioning normally the last time you used it?
  12. gcvt

    What's the best April Fools joke you've seen yet?

    The reason I ask is because I haven't seen ANY good ones yet. Remember back in the day when even CNN would have funny stuff? This year, nothing :(
  13. gcvt

    Dev Team has been bought out - immediate withdrawl from the iPhone community

    LOL! It's okay, don't feel bad. Of all the forums I visit (multiple Mac, iPhone, PS3, motorcycles, home theatre, satellite TV, etc. forums) they all have some really funny stuff going on today :D
  14. gcvt

    Can AT&T or Apple track my stolen iPhone

    Unfortunately, Apple has no official means of tracking iPhones.
  15. gcvt

    MacBook Pro another weird question...

    It's an OSX glitch. Missing letters while typing is a huge topic of discussion on Apple's forums.
  16. gcvt

    does freeze anyone else's browser?

    Works like a charm for me, but I also use Safari ;)
  17. gcvt

    Finally took the plunge...

    Welcome to the family and congrats on your new iPhone :)
  18. gcvt

    Samsung Glyde Lastest iPhone Copycat

    I agree, that is butt ugly. No one can make 'em as good lookin' as Apple ;)
  19. gcvt

    MacBook Pro express/34 cover stuck open...

    It's definitely (supposed to be) spring loaded.