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  1. Zehurt

    MacBook Can MacBook handle a 1TB Partition?

    More to the point how big a drive has ANYONE put in their MacBook successfuly? Thinking about the new SSD drives and the prices have really dropped. 1TB WD $ 179 at Amazon. Couldn't find where to enter my hardware so here it is: MacBook 2.2 GHz Intel Core Duo 4GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM MAC OS X...
  2. Zehurt

    What's the best Flash capable browser for iPad?

    Many of us have tried various alternate Flash emulating browsers (Puffin, Skyfire and such) with mixed results. Is there anyone out there who has found one that he REALLY loves? I sure would like to watch Amazon Instant Video on my iPad! PS: Especially mention high-definition performance, if you...
  3. Zehurt

    Repeating a single track

    Sometimes when meditating or just pensive I would really like to get the MUSIC app to play the same track over and over again. Does anyone know how to make it do this? This is really important to me and I would be very grateful for an answer.
  4. Zehurt

    Is there any way to adjust the sound ballance in iPhones or iPads?

    I am partially deaf in my right ear and it would be really great to increase the right volume!