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  1. gcvt

    Unlocking a 2G (3.1.2/04.05.04): Blacksn0w or Pwnage 3.1.4?

    Hi all - this is my first attempt at unlocking. I'm trying to unlock a friends v1 phone for him to use in South America for a month while his race team is down in Argentina and Chile for the Dakar Rally. With the recent release of ra1n/sn0w, should I be using that method or should I be using...
  2. gcvt

    What's the best April Fools joke you've seen yet?

    The reason I ask is because I haven't seen ANY good ones yet. Remember back in the day when even CNN would have funny stuff? This year, nothing :(
  3. gcvt

    Magsafe power connector is just brilliant!

    Whoever thought of this idea should be given a raise. How many of you have saved hundreds or thousands of dollars by not doing any damage to your computer when the power cord is accidentally bumped, yanked out, etc.? It just happened to me again. This is probably the 5th or 6th time this...
  4. gcvt

    Where's iPhonian?

    Haven't seen him post in over two weeks! :gasp: iPhonian, where are you?
  5. gcvt

    Overtime in Green Bay!

    What a game! :gasp: GO GIANTS!
  6. gcvt

    Hey Chris - new registrations up?

    Hey Chris - was just curious about new registrations following Christmas. Anything interesting to report? More than normal? Less than normal? :smile:
  7. gcvt

    NFL - how'd your team(s) do this year?

    Mine didn't do so great... Raiders: 4-12 49ers: 5-11 :frown:
  8. gcvt

    Apple stock hits $200

    Apple stock hit $200 for the first time... Remember when it was $16 per share? :wink:
  9. gcvt

    What did you get for Christmas? I got BEER!

    What did you get for Christmas?! I got a bunch of awesome cook books, enough gift cards from Amazon to buy a medium size LCD HDTV... ...and my girl bought me a microbrew 12-pack-a-month package. I might have to ask her to marry me after this! :mad: MERRY CHRISTMAS! :) :laugh2: ;)
  10. gcvt

    Have you ever kissed your iPhone?

    Last time I was in the local Apple Store, some guy bought an iPhone, ripped it out of the packaging right away, raised it toward the sky, then brought it down to his lips and kissed it. :gasp: So, have you ever kissed your iPhone? :eek:
  11. gcvt

    Will you buy iPhone II ?

    Let's say Apple releases iPhone II this June and it's got 3G and 16GB capacity...but nothing else. Would you pay $600 for one, or stick with your current iPhone? If you'd buy one, would you buy right when it's released or wait a while? I'm usually the kind of guy that buys every new or...
  12. gcvt

    What phone would you be using if the iPhone didn't exist?

    Just for fun, what phone would you be using right now if Apple had never blessed us with the wonderful iPhone? For me, I'd still be using my RAZR V3c until my Verizon contract expired in a couple of weeks. Then I guess I would have signed a new contract and bought a BB or some other...
  13. gcvt

    Is Apollo more stable now?

    I've been using MobileChat forever now and was thinking about trying Apollo. A while back I was reading that Apollo wasn't very stable and crashed a lot. Have these problems been fixed? Haven't read much about Apollo lately. Thx.
  14. gcvt

    1.1.2 jailbreak not finishing?

    I'm on a MacBook Pro. I downgraded to 1.1.1, jailbroke my phone, installed OktoPrep, upgraded to 1.1.2, and ran jailbreak.jar. I selected to install SSH and clicked on "jailbreak". It went through the "installing flash image" and all that stuff. Toward the end of the process, I get the image...
  15. gcvt

    MacBook Apple updates MacBook & MacBook Pro (Nov 1)

    Major updates for the MacBook...minor updates for MacBook Pro:
  16. gcvt

    LA Computer Co. to sell Leopard for $99 from 6-8pm Friday

    Just got an email from LA Computer Company out of Anaheim. They will be selling Leopard for $99 if you order this Friday night between 6:00pm and 8:00pm. They are pretty famous for selling Applecare packages at discounted prices. I've bought form them three times and have always had great...
  17. gcvt

    4GB refurbs back on Apple site

    For anyone looking for a refurbed 4GB model for $299.00, they're back up on the Apple refurbished sale page. They weren't there yesterday and there's no telling how long they will last.
  18. gcvt

    InCase customer service question

    A couple of weeks ago, I submitted a warranty claim with InCase because my case had stretched out quite a bit. So I got an email from them with an RMA# and was planning to send the case in and await the arrival of a refund or a new case. A few days later a new black case arrived on my...
  19. gcvt

    Text usage stats problem?

    Anyone else have this problem... I went and checked my account online and it said I'd only used 3 of my 200 text messages this billing cycle. My billing cycle starts on the 4th of each month. I know this is wrong because I clearly have more than 3 texts in my last text conversation with my...
  20. gcvt

    "Error during install script execution" in Installer

    Anyone else getting this message when using Installer to Uninstall, Update, or Install software? I've been trying to update NES, Mobile Finder, Summerboard, etc. and trying to uninstall FiveDice and Mines...but I can't do anything and keep getting this message. Any thoughts or ideas?