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  1. Beemer

    App that tracks data usage of other apps?

    Does anyone know of a good app that will track data usage of other apps? I seem to be using a lot of data on my iPad but I don't feel I am doing much. 2.6G in three weeks seems excessive to me!
  2. Beemer

    LTE Switching to 3G

    My new iPad is having issues switching from LTE to 3G. When leaving an LTE area, the display switches to Rogers 3G with 4 bars signal but I can't connect to anything. I have to go into settings and turn off LTE or I can't connect. Is anyone else having issues switching?
  3. Beemer


    Does anyone know if you can insert punctuation when using dictation?
  4. Beemer

    MacBook iBook G4 Laptop

    Ok, no flaming, I am very illiterate when using a MAC, I only have it because my kids didn't want it anymore. I am a PC guy trying to use a MAC, probably the worst guy to support! Anyways, I am trying to find out if I can upgrade my OS on the MAC to OS X 10.5. I have 10.4.11 on it right now and...
  5. Beemer

    iOS 5 Discussion Thread

    Is there an IOS5 discussion thread started somewhere? Anyone installing this tonight? Becareful of this note in the release notes: Devices updated to iOS 5 beta can not be restored to earlier versions of iOS. Devices will be able to upgrade to future beta releases and the final iOS 5 software.
  6. Beemer

    Navigon 1.7

    Has anyone installed this upgrade yet. Sitting at airport right now so I can't do the install.
  7. Beemer

    IP Address Ban?

    Somehow, my home IP address has been put on this sites banned list. I have sent private messages to the admins and mods of this site but after a week, my address is still banned. Obviously my account still works so it has to be an accident. Before anyone says it, I live alone and have high...
  8. Beemer

    Finally part of the cool kids!

    Got my iPhone 4 today! Now I know what all you guys are talking about! Unbelievable screen resolution! I had to wait a while as I got an unlocked version from my Canadian buddies. Interesting when I hooked it to iTunes, it said congratulations, your iPhone is now unlocked! Anyway, now for some fun!
  9. Beemer

    Navigon with iOS 4

    Is anyone having issues with Navigon GPS on iOS 4? I can't get it to display roads anymore. I see all the POI's but no roads... BTW, I had 3D panoramic as an extra installed...
  10. Beemer

    iOS 4 and Windows Users

    Ok, I have the new iOS 4 and tried to install it on a test 3GS using Windows. Since Apple has not released iTunes for Windows beta yet, I tried to do a restore to the IPSW and it fails constantly with error 13. I have iTunes on Windows 7. I have tried multiple times and it will not...
  11. Beemer

    New Phone Coming in June

    I read this earlier today. Looks like one of the little guys let the cat out of the bag...
  12. Beemer

    TV Coverage on your iPhone (Canadian Style!)

    So I was in Vancouver last week at the Olympics and ran into a few of our neighbors to the North and got chatting about many things including their access to phone service providers (I know, boring! We were in the bar waiting for the big game on to start on Sunday. I lost the bet so here goes...
  13. Beemer

    iPhone Email Issue

    I am having issues with my email configuration on my iPhone. Let me explain my config first. I have an IMAP account and Exchange account configured. The IMAP account uses the format of The Exchange account uses the format The default account...
  14. Beemer

    DRO Concepts Case

    I purchased this case two weeks ago and want to warn anyone who is thinking of buying this case. DON'T DO IT! The case fits nice and looks cool but it blocks signal a lot worse than I thought possible. First off, I have Navigon GPS and with the case on, the screen just spins around and around...
  15. Beemer

    iPhone vs iPad

    So I'm curious, if Apple updates our iPhones with some of the features of the iPad, wouldn't that cut into there whole iPad stategy? Why would I buy an iPad if I have everything on my iPhone? (and remember, millions of people already have an iPhone!) The price point is very close to the iPhone...
  16. Beemer

    Imei #

    Is it possible to change an IMEI number on an iPhone? Let me explain why I ask... I bought a new iPhone 3GS 32G from a seller on Kijiji for $700. I already had a 16G 3G phone so I just put my SIM in it and the phone worked fine. After about a week, I got a call from my carrier and they...