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  1. jareknyc

    Any Idea why this pink screen?

    Any idea why my video is getting pink screen after i added the picture and video my drone, all 4k quality, check the link iMovie latest with latest mac operating system...and this happens????
  2. jareknyc

    How does the Apple Store handle warranty repair on Apple Watch?

    Hey guys anyone fixed apple watch at the apple store? do they actually fix it? replace it ? ship it out for service? is the same like iPhone if its not software related they will give you refurbished watch?
  3. jareknyc

    Bluetooth on and off?

    Hey guys did anyone see on their iPhone that the Bluetooth sometimes its disconnecting from watch? I did spot that today...I seen the Bluetooth gray out for 5 sec the come was 1 feet away at all times...very strange saw it maybe 10 times...then my watch died after 4 hrs of being...
  4. jareknyc

    After update 2.0.1 battery is worst

    After update from 1:30 pm to 6pm I only have 30% left that's crazy...not even using it, just for time keeping...looking at it one - two times per hr that's it...
  5. jareknyc

    iPhone 6s AppStore issue blank icons

    Hey guys this is new for me now in last 2 days blank icons in my AppStore when I scroll down like one week ago for updates all good everything is showing but resent stuff all blank restart didn't help :/
  6. jareknyc

    iPhone 6s iPhone 6s vs AT&T iPhone 6s

    Did you anyone see article that att iPhone is actually little different inside has some new frequency added, that only att iPhone 6s has? If I remember correctly only att iPhone will be able to use this new frequency that should make the Internet work much much faster...anyone?
  7. jareknyc

    Voice over LTE is here !! :)

    Hey guys this morning I am making a phone call, next thing I notice that 4g is not there only shows I have fast internet and I am able to make phone call using LTE
  8. jareknyc

    iPhone 6s Glitch in apple software? - Apple Store app

    I am eligible for 2 year contract on AT&T site and also by dialing *new# I know it's there I know I can use it on AT&T site...When I try to check this on apple app it will only give me att next 12 24 month option, after I put my social number and zip code...very strange...did they forgot about 2...
  9. jareknyc

    Email won't refresh by itself

    Sometimes my email will not refresh all my setting are good as far push my hotmail and yahoo, when I click on email it said last time checked like 4:17 am and now is 9:56...i did check to make sure my internet is working...yeah all good i am able to open anything on safari...very weird happened...
  10. jareknyc

    Possible to unlock iPhone 5s?

    I am interested to unlock my iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 is it even possible? I remember years ago it was with jailbreak now I don't know anymore
  11. jareknyc

    iCloud keychain passwords not available on iPhone

    My iCloud password are not loading on my iPhone, they do exist on iPad and iMac but not my iPhone...I did completely remove iCloud account also turn on and and off keychain with no luck...still no passwords or credit cards
  12. jareknyc

    Apple Watch available for reservation, purchase at local Apple Stores

    Hey guys you can pick up your watch in the store just did it...not all models but it's appointment only!! Meant to say watches in the store !! :)
  13. jareknyc

    How easy is it to fix scratched black stainless steel Apple Watch?

    Hey Guys, anyone scratched their black apple watch yet? I wonder if it will be that easy to fix like normal stainless steel...
  14. jareknyc

    Best way to fix your stainless steel watch with stainless steel band

    Just got the watch less then 1 day already very little scratch on the bend...what is the best fix I can buy? I saw some stuff about some liquid and napkin of some kind that would fix the problem
  15. jareknyc

    Text Messages not syncing with phone properly

    Hey guys, anyone has the same problem? If i delete a text from cell phone that message is still on my watch and vice verse, if i delete message from my watch, nothing is deleting from my phone, it's very annoying. You have to delete them twice, also restart is not helping here.
  16. jareknyc

    Will workout app work without iPhone?

    I want to run let's say or ride bike but don't want to take my iPhone with my...will it take good calculations without iPhone 6? Like speed Gps I think it's only build in to phone not watch, so speed distance and other gps like features will not work ?
  17. jareknyc

    Wu weather app issue

    So I am having issue after the iOS update, wu weather app shows radar, but it won't show current weather temp and stuff like that...when I open the app all works ok except in widget when I swipe down on top of the screen...tried reinstalling app also reset all my settings, I even went ahead and...
  18. jareknyc

    Email full screen?

    Today something happen and now I have full screen email no battery status, info bar is did I do that ? Sent from my iPhone using iCafe Forums
  19. jareknyc

    MacBook Pro New MacBooks Pro?

    When do you guys think we should see new apple MacBooks pro?
  20. jareknyc

    Crazy or what ?

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