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  1. Rugaby

    What shows are you watching?

    Agree such a strong character that developed over two seasons and then dominated his last two seasons.
  2. Rugaby

    What shows are you watching?

    Oh we would have had to break up lol.
  3. Rugaby

    What shows are you watching?

    For me season three was awesome. Second half of season four was amazing. I was hooked in breaking bad episode 2. Bath tub through the roof. That sealed the deal.
  4. Rugaby

    What shows are you watching?

    And ending his. I agree this was my fourth time watching. This time with the Gf. Had to be careful and not let too much out. Lots of long nights. She would look at me say " f you. Next episode ". Was awesome. Glad she loves it as much as I do.
  5. Rugaby

    The Hangout

    A guy walks into the hangout......
  6. Rugaby

    It chaps my hide.

    Non twist tops on bottles.
  7. Rugaby

    What shows are you watching?

    Just rewatched every episode of breaking bad. From the beginning to hank on the crapper.
  8. Rugaby

    What size screen would you like to see in a new iPhone?

    Couldn't agree more. I like my one handed reach all areas of the screen.
  9. Rugaby

    The Hangout

    I said good day!
  10. Rugaby

    Your iPhone first screen layout, lets see them!

    I have never put anything on my fifth row. On any pages.
  11. Rugaby

    Let's post some fun stuff here

  12. Rugaby

    It chaps my hide.

    CDA -cluttered desktops anonymous
  13. Rugaby

    It balms my hide.

    How fast my iPhone charges.
  14. Rugaby

    Which cat song do you prefer?

    Smelly cat. Is an awesome song.
  15. Rugaby

    Best double album ever?

    I was born country .....
  16. Rugaby

    Song of the Day

    If you have seen the Gatsby preview. This is the song from it. It is triply while listening with your headphones.
  17. Rugaby


    Finally saw Argo. Great movie. This weekend I am going to
  18. Rugaby

    Apple working on watch

    I wear one as a fashion statement or accessory. Practicality of it being an actual thing to tell me what time it is is second to looks in my book.
  19. Rugaby

    Official random thread

    Thank you!
  20. Rugaby

    Official random thread

    Can some tell me if they can find this decal or sticker anywhere for purchase? In the US. It's for the back of a Mac around the Apple symbol. One of those.