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  1. Rugaby

    Text notification visual

    When I am in my text app and I get a text from someone else it used to just show the number under the message icon upper right corner. Now it also shows the alert with the notification banner top of the screen. This just started. Any ideas?
  2. Rugaby

    Steve Jobs

    It's been a year since we lost Steve. He is truly missed like many of the people that have passed in the last year. Thank you for everything you gave us Mr. Jobs. We miss you.
  3. Rugaby

    Scheduling software

    Does anyone use any that they can recommend? I'm looking for teams and playing each other 3 or 4 times. A league format. Free of course is always better :)
  4. Rugaby

    All sprint customers

    When you get your iPhone tomorrow do not power it on. Call into customer care first. Thank you.
  5. Rugaby

    Sprint iPhone 5 orders.

    So I heard from a very reliable source today (not my cousins brothers uncle like everyone else) that over 47000 sprint preorders from Friday are In hold due to an error in the processing (FAST) system. Also told that if you ordered anytime after 3 am on Friday morning (pst) that you won't get...
  6. Rugaby

    Pandora offer unlimited skips?

    If you pay the 1.99 premium every month does that give you unlimited skips. (I know about the jb tweak asking about stock) Also how much data (non wifi) does say an hour use? Someone has to know that
  7. Rugaby


    We need a sarcasm thread. Pictures. Sayings. Statements. Whatever. I will be disappointed if John doesn't come in and post "this thread is awesome" or "I love off topic!" :)
  8. Rugaby

    Gifting songs

    So this is kinda two part. First can you gift a song to someone much like you gift an app. Assuming you know there Apple id email. I have looked and can not ind that feature any where. Granted I have only looked on the app. Second is there a way to copy your playlist and send it to someone. Not...
  9. Rugaby

    Am I stupid?

    I can't seem to find the report button in the app anymore. Haven't tried in about two months. Did something change?!
  10. Rugaby


    A while ago in a must have app discussion myself and roofmonkey recommended iFunny. At the time it had been pulled. It is back however comma in the app store. Get it while you can.
  11. Rugaby

    I can't wait for .....

    A cure for cancer.
  12. Rugaby

    Email notifications from everythingiCafe

    I noticed yesterday afternoon some time that I am no longer receiving email notifications for things in the site. Example is new responses to pm conversations. I verified that my email is working properly an I haven't changed any settings. Anyone else notice this issue?
  13. Rugaby

    Family feud.

    Good game. Some small things I don't like. Requires a Facebook login for easier game play. Also sometimes it's interpreting of your answer isn't achieved properly. and if you don't know how to spell the word you are screwed. For fun and free not bad an worth it.
  14. Rugaby

    View post in blog

    Chris I love everything you do here and for this site. I also know that you enjoy positive and negative feedback. I try to give it whenever I can. I am failing to see the point of and or enjoy the "view post in blog" feature/threads. I personally don't understand why I have to get redirected...
  15. Rugaby

    My posts not refreshing in profile.

    If I go to the profile tab And click on my posts it doesn't show my latest post. Shows my last post as two days ago Even when I hit the refresh button I still end up with this I have deleted the app, hard reset, reinstalled the app. I have logged in and out. Tried everything I could think...
  16. Rugaby

    App suggestions.

    The limit on the number of people allowed in a pm is five plus yourself. Thought that should be more. I am sure it is that way to prevent spammers from sending a message to everyone. But maybe ten or something. Also in pm's you can't add/invite someone during a conversation unless it is just...
  17. Rugaby

    Harry Morgan RIP

    Died at the age of 96 today. Was the star of one of my favorite shows. M*A*S*H* and also was on dragnet.
  18. Rugaby

    How we copy links to the App Store now?

    How we copy links to the app store now? Used to be you clicked on tell a friend when viewing an app and it took you to your email and you could copy the link. Now it gives you an app icon and a button to click to view this app. Am I missing something? When I want to put a link in a post to take...
  19. Rugaby

    Coolest thing you own.

    Like the title says what is the cooled thing(s) you own. Super bowl ring? Trumpet your dad played in the Calvary? Whatever. Doesn't have to be worth a lot of money to be cool to you. What's in the fire safe u grab as you run out of your house when it is on fire? (besides your kids :)) I own a...
  20. Rugaby

    I'm thankful for .....

    My family that always supports me. My friends that bail me out of jail. Get me put in jail. Sit next to me in jail. I am thankful for all of my EIC friends that deal with me. I am abrasive, loud, opinionated, sarcastic, and normally a bit of an a hole. I can't imagine not being able to vent...