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    Hairline crack/fiber underneath the screen glass?

    I actually just made a genius bar appointment at the Apple store went in. The girl looked at it and then showed the manager/supervisor and they just replaced my screen because it was inside the phone not on the outside. Took all of 5 minutes.
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    Just purchased iPhone 3GS, need GPS app recommendation

    If you're a XM or Sirius subscriber like Iam you can get their App. It does cost 2.99 extra a month on top of your monthly plan for the actually radio receivers you have but to me it's worth it.
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    Hairline crack/fiber underneath the screen glass?

    Hey, just letting everyone know that I took my iPhone to the Apple Store, and they said were first talking about how it's a cosmetic issue and that they don't cover this, but then the nice Apple Girl let her supervisor take a look and they confirmed it was an internal issue, and they replaced my...
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    Hairline crack/fiber underneath the screen glass?

    Well the AT&T store said that it's a warranty issue and that the 30 days is only if you're not happy with the phone and what another brand.
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    Hairline crack/fiber underneath the screen glass?

    So should I even bothering making a Apple store appointment? Or would they not give me a new one or fix it? It's clearly an internal mark.
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    Hairline crack/fiber underneath the screen glass?

    I called AT&T store that I bought it from and they said that it falls under a warranty issue, and I have to deal with Apple. So I can either 1. Drive 60 miles to an Apple store and take time out of what I need to do to do this. 2. Mail my phone to them and wait for it to be fixed/replacement (up...
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    Hairline crack/fiber underneath the screen glass?

    Well I forgot to mention that I am I ln my 30 days at AT&T would they replace mine at the AT&T store instead of having to drive 60 miles to the Apple store?
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    Hairline crack/fiber underneath the screen glass?

    I was cleaning the dust off my iPhone screen today, I have a black 3GS, and I noticed that there was a mark that wasn't coming off... I instantly freaked out (lol), and wiped it with a tiny drop of water and it still didn't come off. I can't feel the mark as a scratch on top of the screen, and I...
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    How to clean chrome lining

    I just got my 3gs yesterday and I have noticed that looking at the screen side of the iPhone, you notice pieces of fuzz or white specs that get inbetween the chrome lining and the glass front finish. How would you clean inside of there?
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    Home button won't work? Returning iPod?

    I bought my ipod touch 8gb (2g) November 19th, and now the home button doesn't work. It works maybe one out of 30 times i press it. I have to press it at least 10 times for it to make the screen show when it's in sleep mode, same when trying to exit out of any app or music or anything. To get to...
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    What function will you use first?

    Web browser all the damn way!
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    Mysterious 12th icon on first iPhone is YouTube

    How would youtube even be possibly over edge?
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    Mysterious 12th icon on first iPhone is YouTube

    It probably is you tube. steve did mention that he was making a deal with youtube to change the codec for iPhone, maybe its just a good built in feature :P I know i will love it
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    RealVNC Widget

    Hopefully if they can, wouldn't it be cool for someone to make a REALVNC widget. So you could like view your pc screen from your phone, zoom in with pinches and stuff, and use the touch screen as a mouse, when when you want to type ti shows the virtual keyboard? That would be like the best thing...
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    Software development for iPhone

    I kinda hope there will be one for real vnc. id love to be able to access my pc and control it through my phone.
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    3 million iPhones at launch

    After searching cingular on google maps and coming up with 29,890 results. I then divided 3,000,000 by 29,890 and got around 100. And after calling the cingular/AT&T stores around here, only one said they would be carrying it. So taking that into perspective, I believe that there will be plenty...
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    How many iPhones can we get?

    Probably only one. Due to high demand.
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    Google's street view maps on iPhone?

    The iPhone has built in google maps, why use the browser for it?
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    Will US iPhones work with UK Companies?

    I actually think if you do get it unlocked, the only thing that will work would be voice. Because knowing Apple, they will probably restrict access to setting your sms and mms servers. So that means to text's or pictures/videos.
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    iPhone will include 4G and 8G

    We have all known this since January.. So you are a little late.