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    Hairline crack/fiber underneath the screen glass?

    I was cleaning the dust off my iPhone screen today, I have a black 3GS, and I noticed that there was a mark that wasn't coming off... I instantly freaked out (lol), and wiped it with a tiny drop of water and it still didn't come off. I can't feel the mark as a scratch on top of the screen, and I...
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    How to clean chrome lining

    I just got my 3gs yesterday and I have noticed that looking at the screen side of the iPhone, you notice pieces of fuzz or white specs that get inbetween the chrome lining and the glass front finish. How would you clean inside of there?
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    Home button won't work? Returning iPod?

    I bought my ipod touch 8gb (2g) November 19th, and now the home button doesn't work. It works maybe one out of 30 times i press it. I have to press it at least 10 times for it to make the screen show when it's in sleep mode, same when trying to exit out of any app or music or anything. To get to...
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    RealVNC Widget

    Hopefully if they can, wouldn't it be cool for someone to make a REALVNC widget. So you could like view your pc screen from your phone, zoom in with pinches and stuff, and use the touch screen as a mouse, when when you want to type ti shows the virtual keyboard? That would be like the best thing...
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    Stores expecting less than 40 iPhones each!

    I read this story and iam shocked. :( I hope it isn't true.
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    WiFi Information

    Since I have a wireless router with 802.11g I will be able to use my iPhone with my home connection. But will there be a limit to how fast it can go on the iPhone? Because if there isn't one I will be browsing at 20Mb/2Mb :D I just hope they don't have some speed cap on it.
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    Apple was better off not sharing details before hand?

    I personally think that Apple would had better luck just releasing it in june. And just giving a release date. If they would of kept all the features a secret until the date, all the other companies would have to play catch up witht he features, which would still give the iPhone advantage. Even...
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    Some Questions (yes yes, don't complain :P) And lovely cingular workers lol

    Well, I can't wait to switch to cingular in June. I have heard a few dates and the recent one is June 20th. But who knows. I have called the cingular/AT&T stores and one tried to encourage me not to get it? rofl They were like why do you want this phone, we have phones that are way faster than...