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    Verizon to AT&T

    Well actually, I'm not looking to change the number...I want to use my actual phone. I'm just not sure if unlocking it would work...
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    Verizon to AT&T

    I have a Verizon iPhone, I also have an att phone, I want to use my iPhone on my att number, anyone know how to unlock it so I can transfer my phone to att? I love my phone. And JUST got it...I don't wanna give it up...
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    Verizon iPhone 4, texting with WiFi

    Lol, well I'm still looking and I'll letcha know if I manage to find one. I just hate making my friends remember 3 numbers and which ones work when. It sucks! Lol.
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    Verizon iPhone 4, texting with WiFi

    Ok, so I have a Verizon iPhone 4, I would prefer NOT to jailbreak it. My husband JB his and has had NOTHING but problems since he did. I just moved to a very SMALL town in the middle of "no reception" Missouri and I would LIKE to still use my phone at least to text while I'm home. My mom uses...
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    What is Jailbreaking?

    This may seem like a completely STUPID question, but I am 100% new to the iPhone world, and I keep reading about jailbreaking the phone? What is jailbreaking? Can u hurt the phone? Would it void warranties and insurance on the phone? How does it make the phone better? And finally, how do you do...
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    Changing SMS ringtones, colors, etc

    I was curious if there was a way to change the bubble/text/background colors in the text application? I previously had a droid and was able to do so with a downloaded application. Is there an app out there for that? Is there also a way to change the notification ringer from the standard stuff...