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    Beatles are here

    He probably saw the John Lennon recordings.
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    iPhoneringtonemaker 1.3.2 !

    That would be a step in the right direction--unfortunately once your custom ringtones have been removed by the sync, your custom settings that used them are also gone. You now have the exciting chore of resetting all of them... Hopefully, they'll come out with a way that syncing doesn't remove...
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    Ringtones available now?

    You have to have the individual callers in your Contacts. Then you can assign each one their own ringtone.
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    Why Not 802.11 b/g wireless headphones?

    Because the audio streaming over 802.11b/g only exists in iTunes? There's no equivalent function available on the iPhone.
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    iTunes 7.41 available

    It's to close the "do-it-yourself ringtone" loophole that was in 7.4.
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    SIM Card between two iPhones? Can't find an answer...

    Each iPhone will only work with the SIM it was activated with. I knows the ID of the SIM and won't work with a different one. You can try calling AT&T and explain what you're trying to accomplish and they may have a solution.
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    Is the new iPod (Touch) in stores yet?

    All Steve said at the intro was "shipping later this month".
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    In what folder is the music stored on the iPhone?

    it would normally be in "My Documents/My Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/".
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    itoner ringtones lost when synched

    Here's a way around the problem:
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    How do I get Ringtones? I downloaded the new iTunes?

    Here's a way to do your own ringtones today with iTunes:
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    In what folder is the music stored on the iPhone?

    You have to use iTunes because not only does it copy the music files to the iPhone but it also updates the database that the user interface uses.
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    Goodbye Hacked Ringtones

    Plug in your iPhone with iTunes running and see if they disappear or not....
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    petition for change to the dfference refund policy to 30 days.

    And you think that would actually work?
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    What's with the "i"?

    The original i-object was the bondi blue plastic "iMac"--it was the "internet Mac"--out of the box it was capable of internet access--no add-ons required. Now as to why they named it the "iPod"--your guess is as good as mine.
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    What is the "other" shown in the iPhone capacity bar?

    I noticed when I first loaded some DVD-ripped videos onto my iPhone that they weren't accounted for in the "video" bar but show up as "other". I went back and changed the file type to "m4v" instead of "mp4" and resync'd and then the files went into the "video" usage and the "other" dropped back...
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    Who is: Erik Hanson, David Taylor, Anna Haro and John Appleseed?

    John Appleseed = Johnny Appleseed get it?
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    Confirmed Ringtones on iTunes 7.3

    I could have sworn that I read a message from someone here (or on Apple's site) who claimed they had one of the iTunes phones and that they could use iTunes to fabricate ringtones by selecting up to 30-second samples of their iTunes library and then saving it as a ringtone. But then again I may...
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    Confirmed Ringtones on iTunes 7.3

    iTunes already has ringtones--the only trick is that you have to have one of the Motorola phones that supports downloading from itunes--such as the ROKR. The "Ringtones" tab that appeared at the announcement was probably because Apple was using a copy of iTunes that had minimal iPhone support...
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    How to tell what iPhone version I have?

    The "5" model is the 4GB, MA501. The "7" model is the 8GB, MA712. Go to "Settings", then "General", then "About".
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    iTunes 7.3.1

    There was no iTunes update--it's an iPhone update.