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    Planning on pre-ordering iPhone 5 and need feedback on what to expect

    Ok so I just sold my iPhone 4S and am ready to get an iPhone 5, here is my situation, I am on a family account on att but I am not the account holder, I can do everything but upgrade a phone, the account holder is in another state and I just help with the bill. I am in NYC and have been already...
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    I5 announced next week?

    WWDC is coming this week, what are the chances of the I5 being announced? And if it is, do you think it will go on sale within the next month like they did with the 4? What are your predictions? I5? IOS6?
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    How do I put "My Top Rated" on iPhone?

    Ok so I want to rate all my songs on my phone and see them in a top rated playlist, I want it to be mirrored in iTunes and vise versa, the problem is this: 1.there is no "top rated" playlist on my iPhone, when I connect to iTunes there is one and it has like 3 songs when I have way more rated...
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    Anyone else have problems with YouTube?

    I have every iPhone since 2G and have ALWAYS had problems with youtube loading over wifi, so annoying! Whats weird though is that if I go to yt mobile it works everytime and if I play videos on the youtube app over 3g it also always works, whats up with this? Sometimes it works and many times it...
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    Apple owned with the "new" iPad so I wonder...

    IMO the iPad is the best tablet out their now, no question those specs are killer! Much different from how everyone was so disappointed with the 4S (even though it still sold ****loads xD) So now that it has the tablets dominated I wonder if they wanna blow everyone away with the IP5 as well...
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    Why are the wallpaper apps so bad?

    It like they all have the same layout and all design, do they all have the same tools to design the apps? I have downloaded like 10 different ones and they are all the same, why is this? What is the best wallpaper app?
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    I'm convinced the 4S lags because of RAM

    Anyone else 4S lag at times when in the menu? Web browser closes randomly? Opening menus go slow? This was a problem for me on the iPhone 4, but the 4S kinda made it better, especially the keyboard which used to lag all the time, on the 4S it never lags, still though, it still runs slow at times, I...
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    Mail Icon Turned White

    I have a jailbroken 4S and earlier out of no where my mail icon is blank, its all white with no image, I can still use it fine but its weird...
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    Can I wipe my iPhone, then do absinthe, then restore it while Jailbroken?

    Ive been trying to jailbreak my 4S since saturday using absinthe (windows) with no luck, it keeps crashing at the "sending data" part, I heard that it if wipe the iPhone and start fresh it will jailbreak it, but can I rstore my backup using my icloud while jailbroken? I just wanna be sure first...
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    I have 4.3.3 Jailbroken, reset?

    I am selling it but they want it jailbroken, how can I reset it without it restoring and it removing the jailbreak.
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    Weird email annoyance.

    I dunno what I did but all of a sudden everytime I reply to an email I get the reply in my inbox, so what ever they get as my reply, I get it too, never used to happen before....anyone know how to stop it?
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    How do I change the homepage in Safari on iPhone?

    Maybe Im just dumb but how the heck do I change my safari homepage? Its currently set to google.
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    Need answer asap!

    Will doing a factory rest on the iPhone unjailbreak it? Thanks.
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    Going from 3GS to 4, SIM card?

    Ok so I have a 3GS I have been using for a while and just bought a 4 on eBay, how do I get it on my service? I still have a iPhone 4 sim card that was used on another 4 I had at launch, can I just take the sim to att with the 4 and they will activate it? Or can I simply call and they can...
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    Do you think iOS5 will be an overhaul?

    With Android getter bigger and better seemingly by the minute and WP7's fancy interface it seems like IOS is old news, WWDC starts June 6, do you think they will unveil IOS5 there? And what do you think will be the improvements? Minor or Major? I think Apple has the hardware already and its...
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    I have a Jailbroken 4.1, how do I update?

    Can I just connect to iTunes, Update it then re-Jailbreak it? Or is it more complicated then that?
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    Need help using HTC SIM card in iPhone

    So I had an htc inspire but I sold it on ebay, now Im trying to use my sim in this 3GS and its not working, no bars no signal, nothing, I have tried rebooting, nothing, what do I do? I need a phone!
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    Need help please, how can I transfer my music to my PC from the iPhone?

    God I hate how Apple made it so you need stupid iTunes! I know theres tuneaid but is there anything free?
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    Can I update my iPhone on another iTunes?

    Will i lose anything? Also another question all the apps that i buy can i always re download them regardless of the iPhone im on? Like are my purchases tied to my account?
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    Selling iPhone 4 on eBay

    The cheapest is $800, if i put mine at $750, would people actually. Buy it? Holy crap! 32gb btw.