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    MacBook Pro MacBook Pro gets stuck when booting
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    MacBook Pro MacBook Pro Gets Stuck During Booting

    I have been having problems getting my MacBook Pro getting started. The booting gets as far as shown in the picture below and then remains there. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    MacBook Pro My MacBook gets stuck midway during booting

    My MacBook Pro gets stuck during booting. At a point I was able to get this far (see picture). But when I powered off and restarted I only here the chimes but the screen is blank. I only know it is on by connecting my iPhone to the USB pot to see if it powers the phone but the screen remains...
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    iPhone 7 Cant synchronise contacts in iTunes with MacBook Pro and iPhone 7plus. Phone hangs

    I have a problem synchronising my contacts with iPhone 7plus in iTunes. I have downloaded and installed iOS 11.4 but the problem is still there. When I start to synchronise, it gets to "synchronising Contacts" then the phone hangs for a long time and I have to cancel the whole synchronisation...
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    iOS 11.0.1

    Since I updated to iOS 11.0.1, I am unable to update my apps and when I go to AppStore I can’t upload the updates to my phone which is iPhone 7plus. Any suggestions?
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    Can't Get to Music in Music App

    This is what appears on my screen when I launch the music app on my iPhone 6 Plus iOS 9.2.1. What is the cause and how can I play music? Started when I added music to my iTunes library and synch the phone with my MacBook Pro.
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    MacBook Pro Cannot download purchased Apps on iPhone to iTunes in MacBook

    I just bought a new MackBook Pro and synchronized and backed up my iPhone 6plus in iTunes, after the initial setup ( signing in with my Apple ID etc). I was then expecting all purchases in my phone ( applications already purchased using that account) to be uploaded in the iTunes library. But...
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    MacBook Pro Mac Compatibility Issues

    I just bought a MacBook Pro with retina Display. Without any further installations can I receive, edit, create or send MS office documents such as word, excel or PowerPoint?
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    Purchases on iPhone cannot be uploaded when Sync in iTunes.

    With iOS 8, purchases on the iPhone were automatically downloaded to the iTunes library when synchronized on the PC or whenever the phone was backed up. Since updating to iOS 9 ( I am now using 9.1) the Apps purchased OTA into the phone cannot be uploaded to the iTunes Store, and I have to...
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    App updates not synchronizing to iTunes after updating to iOS 9?

    After updating to iOS 9.0 with a 6 plus, application updates done in the phone using wifi cannot be uploaded to the laptop when synchronized in iTunes. Even after backup in iTunes the applications will not upload therefore requiring updates on those same applications to be done again on the...
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    Text Messages keep crashing

    I am using iPhone 6 pus with iOS 8.4 installed. Whenever I receive a text message and click the app to read it goes blank and crashes. I sometimes have to reboot the phone before I can read after several attempts. Is anyone out there experiencing the same? Can you help me? I experienced the...