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  1. adamjohn_98

    Incipio Executive OVRMLD

    Thank you for posting your experience with the OVRMLD. I am glad to hear that there are better versions of this case available, as the overall design concept is great. Maybe I should see if they will do an exchange for me...
  2. adamjohn_98

    Incipio Executive OVRMLD

    My OVRMLD came in today, and I am unsure if I will keep it. The stitching and overall build quality are not what they should be for a $30 case. However, the leather does feel nice in my hand, and the case seems to hold together well. I do like that the case is lined with a soft silicone like...
  3. adamjohn_98

    DayDeal Black Rubberized Shield Protector Case

    Hey guys, sorry for the delay. First Class shipping was slower than I anticipated. Overall, I am liking the case quite a bit. Good Rubberized coating on plastic feels nice Cutouts for proximity sensor Doesn't add thickness to phone Bad Raised surface surrounding the belt...
  4. adamjohn_98

    Incipio Executive OVRMLD

    I am looking forward to receiving it. FYI, iLounge has posted a review of this case, giving it a recommended B rating. They stated that the quality of it was greater than that of the others they have seen from incipio. Also, I contacted the company and the belt clip nub IS removable. Link...
  5. adamjohn_98

    Incipio Executive OVRMLD

    I just picked one up on eBay for $25. Will post pics after I get it.
  6. adamjohn_98

    Alternative to stock earphones

    I also just purchased a set of these, looking forward to trying them out. Thanks to everyone who has posted their experiences thus far!
  7. adamjohn_98

    Comply Whoomps - Mini Review

    I also purchased these and so far, I agree that the sound quality is good, but the thick rubber that keeps the enhancers attached to the earbuds hurts my ears after only about 2-3 minutes. Have you experienced this problem?
  8. adamjohn_98

    Compiled iPhone Cases and Links

    Great thread with some great links, thanks! Here's another: DayDeal
  9. adamjohn_98

    Best Anti-theft case for your iPhone

    That is the funniest thing I have looked at in awhile, thanks :laugh2:
  10. adamjohn_98

    DayDeal Black Rubberized Shield Protector Case

    Hello fellow iPhone case seekers, I found this interesting case today on, and I thought I would share it with you all. It is basically a two piece plastic case that snaps together around your iPhone. What I liked about this one is that it has a rubberized finish (as opposed to...
  11. adamjohn_98

    Invisible Shield and iPhone

    Thanks for that information, does your bodyguardz protector cover the silver ring around the iPhone's screen?
  12. adamjohn_98

    Invisible Shield and iPhone

    Here is what the BodyGuardz looks like when applied to iPhone, it looks horrible:
  13. adamjohn_98

    Safari crashing on you? Or is it just me?

    Tired fingers crossed for a software update soon!
  14. adamjohn_98

    Safari crashing on you? Or is it just me?

    I would say this has happened to me at least 15 times since I purchased my iPhone. Usually occurs with 2 or more sites open at once....
  15. adamjohn_98

    Dead Pixels

    I have just discovered two dead pixels of my own,will be attempting to exchange soon...
  16. adamjohn_98

    Call your AT&T tonight...IMPORTANT

    Thanks for the tip, it seems every store may be different. My AT&T store is not handing out the tickets until 5:45PM, so we are expected to wait in line until then.
  17. adamjohn_98

    Supply of iPhones?

    Well according to, Apple stores will perhaps be getting as many as 500: However, I would love to know ball park estimates for small corporate AT&T stores as well..anyone have a clue?
  18. adamjohn_98

    Straight from the horse's mouth. New At&t iPhone page

    Also looks like a dock WILL be included in the box! "Connect iPhone to your Mac or PC using the included cable and dock."
  19. adamjohn_98

    Straight from the horse's mouth. New At&t iPhone page

    Totally new page for me, with FAQ, super long contract terms, etc. CONFIRMED: Even iPhones purchased through AT&T (not just through and Apple Stores) will be activated through iTunes!
  20. adamjohn_98

    iPhone activation running through iTunes?

    Thanks, that is good info to know.