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    Did a search on the forums and didn't find anything. Soo here it is.... Bowling for the iPhone! iBowl
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    Confirmed Ringtones on iTunes 7.3

    Doing a little bit of surfing and found that the rumors are true, Apple will be allowing ringtones through iTunes. Here is a link to the article: I still wont pay for ringtones, thats ridiculous but for those who don't like...
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    35w Bridge Collapse - Minneapolis, Mn

    I would like to put my thoughts out to those affected by the bridge collapse in Minnesota this evening. For the friends and families of those who have been injured or worse. I hope that everyone is or will be okay. The images are crazy, local stuff is the best but I know fox news has good shots...
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    iPhone Interface Question

    For those of you who use the iPhoneinterface tool to mod your phone. Do you exit the interface before restarting the phone during modding? Do you leave on? I always type exit and then restart....
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    TV Guide Application

    So being that i hate commercials with a passion i am always flipping channels, until i bought my iPhone. Now i pretty much just surf the web and post on the boards here at EIP. I have been searching for an app made for the iPhone that is a tv guide. Or atleast a good website for tv guide...