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    No iPhone for illegal alien, no way Jose

    No iPhone for illegal alien I don't know where to start this but... let start where it started Last friday I had the visit of my neighboor and friend "Antonio*" and he was "down" , usually he is joyefull and smilling. last time I saw him like that I think it was for the world cup...
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    Gmail is Push email or I'm dreaming

    Is gmail push email ? I have been getting my email instantly on Gmail account it started a week or 2 ago ( yahoo push is dead for me)
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    Why you Should love French !

    From We're not exactly up on our French, let alone our French telecommunications law, but we're hearing that Apple's supposed launch of the iPhone in that country is being held up by two different regulations that prevent the iPhone from being the locked-down...
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    Must SEE : Funny SNL iPhone Steve Jobs Parody

    Watch it before it get censored by Apple Billion with a B lol
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    An Emergency Open Letter

    An Emergency Open Letter (mocks Apple CEO letter) from To all Woot customers: I have received more than three emails from Zune buyers who are upset about Woot dropping the price of the Zune by $20 one month after it went on sale the first time. After reading every one of these...
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    iPhone and your Privacy ! WARNING !

    Strange thing hapened to me this morning I received a call from 847 area code never heard of that area code or received a call ( i'm on the west cost 323 area code ) so I pickup the phone and a gentleman asked me if I was Mr. ELxxxxxxx Yes that's me ( and thinking what bill did I forget to...
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    ( For FREE )iPhone Free Software Unlock Confirmed!

    iPhone Free Software Unlock Confirmed! Free sofware will be posted as soon as it's avaiable Here we go
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    What can you really get for $100 at Apple store ?

    What can you really get for $100 at Apple store ? and is it really worth $ 100 any way it's a total ripp off better not give anything than this $100 Steve-o notes
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    50 minutes vs 2 Years

    I bought an iPhone for a friend Then when trying to activate @#$@@% He doesn't have SSN and ATT is asking for $ 500 to $750 deposit For what ? After reading this Post This made me thinking May be no one need to...
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    Why is AT&T that dumb ? or the and of cancellation fee

    ATT could get all the customer to switch to ATT they just have to refund the cancellation fee to any new customer that buy iPhone and switch to ATT I'm sure many don't want to stop their contract afraid of the cancellation fee also if ATT start doing that all the other carrier will have to...