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  1. adamjohn_98

    DayDeal Black Rubberized Shield Protector Case

    Hello fellow iPhone case seekers, I found this interesting case today on, and I thought I would share it with you all. It is basically a two piece plastic case that snaps together around your iPhone. What I liked about this one is that it has a rubberized finish (as opposed to...
  2. adamjohn_98

    iPhone WILL Have New Unique Service Plans

    AT&T: iPhone WILL Have New Unique Service Plans According to USA Today and Senior VP of Sales for AT&T, "There are other surprises in the works for June 29. In addition to launching the iPhone that day, Carter says AT&T also will announce new service plans for it." I take it that this means...
  3. adamjohn_98

    Apple Bluetooth Headset OK'D by FCC

    Thanks engadget: Remember the Apple Bluetooth Headset announced with the iPhone? Yeah, we know, it's a little fuzzy because of the insane hype surrounding the handset itself, but Apple is doing a Bluetooth Headset too -- and guess what, the FCC just gave it a thumbs-up. Unfortunately for all...
  4. adamjohn_98

    Protective Shield Built-in?

    Hey guys check out the link to the updated site, looks like iPhones have a protective shield built in, maybe that means screen protectors won't work?
  5. adamjohn_98

    Games Being Developed for iPhone

    According to, iGiki is developing games for the iPhone, they are offering discounts until the 29th and will be releasing the games by the end of the month: It looks like you can get some kind of subscription service or a...
  6. adamjohn_98

    Poll: Will you still buy if a data plan is required?

    Poll: Will you still buy if a data plan is required?
  7. adamjohn_98

    AT&T Site Down! Maintenance

    This message appears when you go to "Wireless from AT&T is continually working to improve our internet site for our customers. As part of this ongoing effort, we are currently doing maintenance. We apologize for this inconvenience and ask that you please try back again later...
  8. adamjohn_98

    Official Specs on iPhone

    Nothing too new here, other than the listing of a SIM slot:
  9. adamjohn_98

    Pre-Orders Confirmed?

    Hey guys check out this article, apparently an apple-Reseller has confirmed that pre-orders for the iPhone WILL be taken, pre-paid iPhones WILL be a reality, and that ordering through Apple's Online Store will be the best bet for getting one on or near launch day...
  10. adamjohn_98

    iPhone ad #4 YouTube link here!

    Newest iPhone ad, promoting the real Internet:
  11. adamjohn_98

    iPhone display covered at the NYC cube?

    Hey guys, Apparently there is a blocked off corner of the huge cube Apple Store, that they are guarding closely. iPhone display area perhaps? Anybody here live in Manhattan that can check it out further?
  12. adamjohn_98

    Planning on Buying a Case?

    Hello future iPhone owners, have you guys thought of whether or not you will be purchasing a case for your new device? I am weary of getting a screen protector (i.e. invisa-shield) because I don't know how the touch screen will react with the multi-touch gestures. I do know however that I want...