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    Seidio Innocase II

    Hi all, After going through 4 cases for my iPhone 3G, I think I've finally settled on the one to keep. I've tried the IvySkin XyloT3 (2 of them), Speck SeeThru and now the Seidio Innocase II (Sapphire Blue). The Seidio, of all of these, is by far the best. It feels very solid without...
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    Ivyskin XyloT3 Case?

    According to Ivyskin's website, their new XyloT3 Case is available for the iPhone 3G: Has anyone ordered this case yet? Any estimate of when these will start shipping? Thanks, Andrew
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    Can't have business and personal calendars/contacts?

    OK, so I use iCal and Address Book on my Mac for my personal calendars and contacts. At work, I use Outlook for my work email, calendars and contacts. When I setup my iPhone 3G last night, I first synced my iCal and Address Book on my Mac via great, no problem. Then, when I...
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    Question for 2.0 software testers--Multiple calendar support?

    I have question for anyone who has already used the iPhone 2.0 software. In his review of the iPhone 3G (using the 2.0 software), Walt Mossberg states: "One drawback: While you can have both personal and Exchange email accounts on the new iPhone, if you synchronize with Exchange calendars...
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    "Custom" repeating intervals/alert times in Calendar?

    Is there a way to set a custom repeating interval (i.e. every other week) and custom alert time (i.e. 3 hours before) for events in the Calendary app on the iPhone? Or do I need to do this in iCal and then sync to my iPhone? Thanks, Andrew
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    Inflight Power charger?

    Has anyone tried using the Inflight Power charger ( with their iPhone? When the light is glowing red on the charger and I plug it into my iPhone, my iPhone does not indicate that it is being charged. Andrew