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  1. Lincoln

    Getting a Vaja - kind/colors recommendations?

    Despite having an invisible shield, a free bumper, another free case from BoxWave on it's way, and yet another free case that will ship in 2-3 months, I've decided my main iPhone case will be a Vaja - I've always liked the way they feel, look, and friends that have them have always said pretty...
  2. Lincoln

    No Voice Plan?

    I checked the Order Status page on Apple's website today to make sure my order yesterday went through. It did, but I saw something strange. Above the overall price, the plan you selected is listed. Mine shows 200 messages, 2GB of data... and no voice plan? Before I checked out the sidebar...
  3. Lincoln

    Pricing & Pre-Order

    I realize this is a stupid question, and I should probably know the answer. I don't. I'm eligible for the "early upgrade", meaning I should pay $399 for the 16GB black iPhone 4 I'm intending on getting. My question is, if I pre-order on Apple's website on Tuesday, how will I end up paying the...
  4. Lincoln

    Jobs calls Tablet "the most important thing I've ever done"?

    And we thought the iPhone was Jobs' top priority. :confused:
  5. Lincoln

    App updates never show up?

    I've heard about numerous problems with the AppStore's updating system ever since the AppStore launched. But I've never had any of them - until now. It seems like this started about three weeks ago - I downloaded an app update and it did on of those weird sequences of messages saying "This...
  6. Lincoln

    What does wheel like progress on icon signify?

    I upgraded to 3.0.1 this afternoon and jailbroke after, all working smoothly. I installed AptBackup from Cydia after the jailbreak to restore my Cydia installations, which I did. The phone rebooted after that, and then these little suckers showed up, and I can't get rid of them or figure out why...
  7. Lincoln

    iPhone Teardown - Cutting a cable

    Some of you may have heard of my V1's problems - if not, it's lock button got jammed in the casing and I brilliantly stuck a paperclip inside the phone to pop it back up - the paperclip got stuck. Since then, the thing's been in an endless boot cycle. Today, I decided I would tear it down to see...
  8. Lincoln

    Purchasing MobileMe after free trial

    Alright, so what with the new Find My iPhone feature, I've decided I'm going to start using MobileMe. However, I'm not really sure on how to go about purchasing it. I know you can buy it directly from Apple's online store, but I think that involves actually shipping a box to your address - I...
  9. Lincoln

    Water in MacBook screen. What to do?

    Well, the inevitable has happened. I was sitting at my desk earlier with a glass of water in my hand and the glass slipped. Water poured all over my MacBook. I shut it off immediately, and wiped it off completely. I opened up the back of it to make sure no water had gotten inside, and all looked...
  10. Lincoln

    iPhone Everything (Mockup)

    I'm not sure if this video has made the rounds here yet, but it's quite cool. It's a mockup of a new iPhone, called "iPhone Everything" - it looks very nice. Shame this isn't real.
  11. Lincoln

    Redsn0w Released: iPod touch 2G Jailbroken

    Since it's release, the 2nd Generation iPod touch has not been able to be jailbroken by any of the "Pwange" applications. Redsn0w, a utility announced a few weeks back by the iPhone Dev Team, however, can do the job. It was released today, and while it is a full release and not a beta version...
  12. Lincoln

    Creating a Cydia Repository

    A Cydia Repository, much like an Installer source, is a way to host your own files, like applications, themes, and wallpapers, on Cydia, the unofficial application distribution app for jailbroken iPhones and iPod touches. This is a guide on creating on of these things, and no, you don't need a...
  13. Lincoln

    How's your Home Button?

    My iPhone certainly isn't the most ding-free in the world. But whenever I drop it, it's almost always on the back - it's only been dropped on the front twice. And yet, this is my home button. Only on very rare occasions does it work. I have to slam the phone on a hard surface in order for...
  14. Lincoln

    Happy Birthday, dturner!

    Hope it's a good one, Don. :laugh2:
  15. Lincoln

    The Mac Giving Tree (For iPhone Too)

    Some of you have probably heard of MacHeist - a website that usually sells application bundles for the Mac. This time around, though, they're giving out OS X apps for free - by signing up (also free) you can automatically download Synergy and Enigmo 2, and get more free apps by referring...
  16. Lincoln

    Facebook crashing Safari?

    Do any other Facebook & Safari users notice Facebook crashing Safari a lot? It seems like 7 our of 10 times, whenever I click on something, Safari crashes. No other websites crash Safari. Another thing I hate about the new Facebook. :angry:
  17. Lincoln

    Screen not responding...

    This is rather strange. Since this morning, my iPhone's screen has decided to to respond. Just blackness. It's not as if it's off or in DFU, however, as it still chirps when it's docked, and still rings when it's called. However, there is no response on the screen and all is dark. Any ideas?
  18. Lincoln

    DO NOT use LogoMe

    This goes under the list of apps that should be removed from Cydia until the developer can make it work properly. The steps to it are simple - download a boot image and reflash your firmware - but it has horrible consequences. I reflashed my firmware after using and shut off my phone. I...
  19. Lincoln

    Lock Widgets - Free Alternative to IntelliScreen [Updated, 2/6]

    You've probably all tried IntelliScreen, but it costs and and isn't the most stable of apps out there. These widgets serve as a free alternative (and they're much better looking, in my opinion) to IntelliScreen. Everything about them can be changed - the city for the weather, the wallpaper, etc...
  20. Lincoln

    I love Things

    Things is amazing. It's a To-Do List app, but like the developers say, it's not oversimplified or hard to use. There are quite a few to-do list apps, but this one is the best, by far. Great UI, works great, and the price is well worth it. Plus it can sync with the Mac client.