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    Older MacBook Battery

    I have an older MacBook with an A1181/A1185 battery in matte black. I need to replace it. The last one I bought off Amazon didn’t last long. Ive read that I should buy from a reputable company with at least a one year warranty. Those batteries cost $70 and up. I found another company that has...
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    iPhone 11 Liquid Retina vs. Super Retina

    Which is better? I’m going to be switching to t-mobile and they are offering a free iPhone 11 with an iPhone trade in. But my iPhone X has Super Retina and the 11 has Liquid Retina. The iPhone 11 Pro also has Super Retina. I’m figuring the Super is better. But I can’t find anyone saying that...
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    AirPods 2?

    I had hoped with the latest release of iPhones that they’d release AirPods 2. Unfortunately they have not. Are there any rumors of a release? How do the members like the original AirPods? I’ve been holding out but need something. I’m debating getting them for $143.97 from PC Richards or...
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    iPhone X Want Contact from iCloud Restore on X Removed

    It doesn’t do anything but I just want it gone. I have an old PKGBackup file in my contacts from an old jailbreak. It won’t let me delete it in contacts and when I sign into iCloud from a browser, it’s not there.
  5. EverythingApple

    iPhone X iPhone X 64GB or 256GB?

    I currently have the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB. I have over 80 GB of free space. So I probably could get away with the 64GB. But, I also don’t want to have to delete stuff or save photos elsewhere EVER to “free” up space. And I think I’d rather have too much storage than not enough. Comments??
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    iPhone X Trade-in or Pay off Early for iPhone X

    I can trade in my iPhone 7 Plus or pay it off to the tune of $434.99. I’m leaning towards the former. I’ve never been able to fetch more than $300 for an iPhone but I’ve also never had a Plus either. Comments? What would you do?
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    iPhone 7 New iPhone 7 Plus Rebooting

    My new iPhone 7 Plus has rebooted twice, at different times. I think both times I was using iMessage. Rebooting here meaning I saw the swirly thing than went right to login screen. I had to put in my pass-code than it was fine. It's only 7 days old. Should I go to a Genius Bar or any...
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    iPhone 7 Ringtone Missing

    I restored from backup my iPhone 7 Plus from iCloud and all my music is there to be downloaded minus the one ringtone I purchased. I backed up to iCloud and my work computer before I turned in my iPhone 6 for the $650 credit. I don't want to re-purchase the ringtone. What can I do, without...
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    iPhone 7 Exploding iPhone 7Plus? The next #Applegate...

    So after the exploding Samsung phones, there are now reports of an exploding iPhone 7Plus. It is said to be an isolated incident, but isn't that what Samsung first said. Here is the next dilemma. First I heard of #hissinggate, now #explodinggate? The BGR article and the exact same article...
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    iPhone 7 AppleCare+ and iPhone 7/7 Plus

    Who has this for the iPhone 7/7 Plus? Is it worth it? $129/2 years with $29 deductible for screen only or $99 for replacement. I have always purchased it but don't know if I should this time around. The terms and conditions reads they only allow two replacements per phone for the whole term...
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Green Line on Screen

    My wife jumped ship and got a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacing her iPhone 5c. She had an Invisishield wet install screen protector put on by Best Buy. They told her not to use the phone for 24 hours. She left it home. When she got home there was a fine green line down the middle of the screen...
  12. EverythingApple

    iPhone 5c Unlock Question

    I forgot to have AT&T unlock a iPhone 5c before replacing it with another phone. Is there any way to do it now? Do I have to buy an unlock or will AT&T do it even though it's not in the system anymore?
  13. EverythingApple

    PKGBackup vs. BackupAZ 2

    The both are paid tweaks. Which is better? I thought @Europa likes the latter, but don't kill me if I'm wrong.
  14. EverythingApple

    iTunes will not see iPhone in iOS 9

    I want to download the latest iOS but iTunes will not see my iPhone. I have the latest iTunes software but my iPhone is jailbroken. I'm having too many issues, so I want to restore, against my best judgment. :( Do I have to put my iPhone in DFU mode? I want to download the latest iPhone...
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    Got iphone Popup Asking to Change Passcode

    I was messaging someone when this Popup occurred and said I have 60 minutes to do so. I chose later. Than it happened again and said I had 55 minutes. I changed my 4 digit passcode to the same 4 digit passcode and it accepted it. What's this all about?
  16. EverythingApple

    Random Reboots

    I'm jailbroken on 9.0.2 and within the last month, maybe more, my phone randomly reboots after trying to open random apps. Sometimes the apps open and crash and don't reopen until I do a manual reboot. This sounds like a tweak issue. Any suggestions? Should I post my tweak list? Thanks in advance.
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    OpenSSH installed, but I didn't install it!

    I do recall installing a tweak and Open SSH was installed as part of it. Any idea what tweak could've installed this? And, I saw on the news that those with OpenSSH installed are vulnerable to attacks and hackers, and that I should change my root password and user password. Should I worry...
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    Clean Sweep for iPhone like for Android?

    Is there a similar app for the iPhone called Clean Sweep that's for the Android? Supposedly it keeps private info secure.
  19. EverythingApple

    Cellular Usage Tweak/App for App Usage

    On the stock iPhone under Cellular Usage, I can see which apps use cellular, but the apps are alphabetical. I'd like an app or tweak that listed them by most usage like it does under battery usage. Is there such an animal? I don't care if it is a paid app/tweak.
  20. EverythingApple

    Who has an iPhone 6+ and wish they got just the 6? And, vice versa?

    I have a 6 and think I want the 6+. But, I'm reading posts where people got the 6+ and want the 6 instead. I'm stuck with a quandary. I use my 6 all the time. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, but figured if I got the 6+, I'd use it more like a tablet. What do you think?