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  1. MyRichLife

    Europa or other nutrition guru's

    Hey Guys & Ladies, Back on June 11th of 2014 I went under for a Hiatal Hernia with Robotics surgery and ever since the surgery I been loosing weight fast. I was about 275lbs cause of my height 6'7 I always been tall had some weight on me. Now, back to the weight loss I been to my doctor and his...
  2. MyRichLife

    Best iOS 7 theme for the iPhone 5s

    Hey Guys & Ladies, Coming back to the world of Jailbreaking but this time this will be on my iPhone 5s was wondering what is everyone running or using on their iPhone 5s?
  3. MyRichLife

    MacBook Pro MacBook Pro & Logitech C930e video software

    Hey Guys & Ladies, Can someone tell me how to fix lag when making a video/review with a Logitech C930e webcam. I'm not leaving any open programs running in the background that would cause the lag while I am making the video. I have no idea how to fix this.
  4. MyRichLife

    Marfan Syndrome

    So a month ago I was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome. I never heard of this until one night at my sister's house I started to feel not right at that moment of time so I went to get something to drink when my heart was acting like it was trying to kick start hard next thing I know I blacked out...
  5. MyRichLife

    Element Case - Sector 5 Carbon Fiber Case

    For the iPhone 5 is it worth the price tag? Also good and bad reviews please. Looking in to upgrade from my Speck case.
  6. MyRichLife

    Wanted to say hey

    So it's been two years since I've been gone from this place. Hope all is well with everyone. - Jamie
  7. MyRichLife

    iPhone 4s + Navigon Panorama View 3D

    Has anyone else been able to use the Panorama View 3D option under the Map View options for Navigon? When I try to use it gives me a black display with the road names..I go switch it off and back on same thing. The other map displays work just Panorama View 3D doesn't.
  8. MyRichLife

    Tracking your iPhone in Flight

    Some of us last year tracked our iPhone 4's last year on a site called Flight Aware it's a popular website for people who fly or someone who wants to track their family member or item in flight. Also LiveATC is a national Live feed for people to listen to their local Air Traffic Controler/Pilots...
  9. MyRichLife

    What do you guys and ladies collect?

    As for me right now I collect old/new Mitchell & Ness NFL throwback jerseys...So far I have the Joe Montana (College), Emitt Smith (Cowboys), Randy Moss (Raiders) & OJ Simpson (Bills)..My father found some more that he collected now he's giving them to me to have. I found the Mitchell & Ness...
  10. MyRichLife

    Who didn't get they're tracking number?

    Still awaiting for mine. I hope that it's not delayed or worse yet backordered. Am I alone in my temporary misery of not having tracking information yet?
  11. MyRichLife

    What made you go with the iPhone 4s

    For me it's a new iPhone with a lot of great options to play with. I would probably play around iMessage Siri and last Wireless Update instead of using iTunes to do it.
  12. MyRichLife

    Apple iPhone 4S Event Thread

    Here in this thread we will discuss the big day and all the details about the new iPhone 4s & iPhone 5 when the Apple Press Conference is going on today.
  13. MyRichLife

    Which GB model do you think they'll come back with the iPhone 5

    Will it be the 16GB and 32GB or maybe bring back the 64gb? If it's all 3 models I'll take 16Gb since I don't use much of any app's or music. Mostly I have is some games, Navigon, ringtones, and some photography app's.
  14. MyRichLife

    So surgery first thing tomorrow morning

    Here I go for surgery first thing tomorrow morning at 7:30am for Lithotripsy better known as Shockwave. I'm leaving my house at 5:00am like instructed to by the staff at the hopsital where I'll be headed to. I got my head up high and etc. :)
  15. MyRichLife

    What's one thing people remembered you by?

    Here's something new I haven't seen here on EIC so let's try it! People remembered me by is my great personality.
  16. MyRichLife

    Question about the Starbucks Gold VIP Card

    Guys & Ladies of EIC forums, I have a question for you..I recently just became a Starbucks Gold VIP Card member and was wondering if you guys can tell me a little bit more about it. I read a little bit about it on Starbucks website but I want to hear it from the individuals who actually have...
  17. MyRichLife

    My return

    Hello Everyone of EIC, Hope everyone is doing great since I have been gone for 3 to 4 months after dealing with my sickness recently I found out I have kidney stone with 5 cyst water stones (bad kind) that needs to be taken care of so hopefully this coming up week I'll be having out patient...
  18. MyRichLife

    Which airline do you fly

    and how long you been flying/traveling? For myself I've been flying since I was 13 and flying alone since I was 17. My father took me on my first airplane ride when I turned 13 it was my birthday never rode on a plane before so I got the chance to. My favorite airline I mostly fly on is Delta...
  19. MyRichLife

    App keeps crashing

    When replying to a message does this over and over getting annoying. Other than that problem I like it. Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  20. MyRichLife

    SGP Steinheil Ultra Oleophobic vs. SGP Steinheil Anti Fingerprint

    Which do I need to purchase? I use my phone every day for phone calls and texting plus checking email's. I have the Zagg invisible screen on my iPhone 4 now but everyday I have to clean the screen with iKlear to make it look nicer. I plan on getting the SGP Ultra Silke R Case to go with the...