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  1. Leo

    Darn, gotta quit Apple </3

    Since I'm relocating to the U.S. on October 14th, I had to unfortunately quit my position at Apple. :c I was approved for a K-1 Visa on September 21st to immigrate. My last day is October 7th, and I am/was a Business Expert. Hoping that once I can legally adjust my status on a Green Card in the...
  2. Leo

    [Guide] Downgrade from 9.3.4 to 9.3.3 without losing data

    Hey all, I just did this yesterday with my iPhone SE yesterday and it seems to have worked flawlessly. Seeing as there's no major changes between 9.3.3 and 9.3.4 aside from the jailbreak patch, chances are this will work for you, too. I have not personally noticed any ill-effects of doing this...
  3. Leo

    iPad Pro Art Thread

    So...anyone here made any yet? :D
  4. Leo


    Not sure if it's been suggested already and previously shot down, but wouldn't a shoutbox be kinda cool? One really good one I've used before for Xenforo is Taigachat.
  5. Leo

    Pangu just isn't stable for me

    I'm wondering if anyone else had any stability issues with Pangu? On my iPad (mini retina) it's totally fine, but on my iPhone (5) it's very wonky. It was really unstable with some of the tweaks I had installed, so naturally I uninstalled a bunch of tweaks. I probably uninstalled something I...
  6. Leo

    Battery Life on iPad Air

    (Screenshot taken Nov 9th, after my very first full-cycle charge) I could NOT be happier, this thing is super hard to kill when just doing simple tasks such as Pages and web browsing (at 50% brightness)! When I first bought the iPad Air, it came with 43% battery, so I took the day to...
  7. Leo

    So apparently anyone who installed iOS 7 without registering their UDID... screwed when it comes for beta 2. Regular users were able to get around the UDID check by selecting "Update" on iTunes, but according to a rumor I hear buzzing between some devs, the initial setup screen is making a comeback in beta 2 to verify UDIDs, and that it could be hard or...
  8. Leo


    I just bought this today. It. Is. Amazing. It makes typing way easier for typing. Works on iPhone/iPod touch only for now.
  9. Leo

    So...I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro...

    ...and I like it. A lot. Maybe even more than my iPad 4. Why? It runs a full OS, not a mobile OS, at the convenience of being a tablet device. It's not an ARM device, but Intel Core i5, which means this tablet can run anything Windows always could, 32-bit and 64-bit alike. It comes with a...
  10. Leo

    I guess my iPad 3 is toast

    So I misplaced my iPad 3 for over a month or two, and recently found it under my rear car seat while cleaning my car. It was dead, but that was expected. It's still in perfect shape as I have the Smart Cover on it. So I plug it into the wall to charge it, and about 10 minutes later it turns on...
  11. Leo

    Confirmed: Micro-SIM to Nano-SIM cutting

    Hi guys, Posting this topic to confirm that cutting a Micro-SIM to a Nano-SIM works! I cannot confirm if LTE is working yet, as I can only get 3G out in my area anyways. I'll drive closer to the city after restoring my old phone data to my new iPhone 5 to see if I can still get an LTE...
  12. Leo

    So I've switched carriers, to a very nice surprise...

    I've been with Rogers for 7 years, and the connection kept on dropping, the reception was never more than 3 bars (usually 1 bar at home), and when I phoned them to inquire about the iPhone 5, the customer service specialist claimed that I failed to give her my proper name, so she couldn't even...
  13. Leo

    Another iPhone 5 hint, or just me? I was playing around with the latest beta of Xcode today and I noticed something interesting, it seems the icons that display the phone orientation show the phone to be "taller", or is it just me? It's been a...
  14. Leo

    MacBook Pro Retina Display ghosting!

    Well, bought this MacBook Pro Retina a couple weeks back, but it seems to be defective! It ghosts quite easily, actually (and fast!). If I put up a blank blue wallpaper, and minimize this window, I can actually still make out the "everythingiCafe" logo at the top! It seems to stick temporarily...
  15. Leo

    The community fox is still alive

    Here or there anyways :)
  16. Leo

    New phone name

    I have no idea why the iPhone 6 is being called the 5, when clearly the 4S is actually the 5, but anyways, what do you think the new iPhone will be called? "The new iPhone"? "iPhone SJ"?
  17. Leo

    How to use Gmail with PUSH

    Very easy to set this up. I use Gmail as my primary e-mail provider, and I was kind of shocked to learn how you can set up Gmail on your own iPhone to use PUSH using the native Email app. 1. Go create a new Microsoft Exchange e-mail (I know, right? You can do this in Settings > Mail > Add...
  18. Leo

    Things are all turning colors!

    Ahh! We're under attack! Black is starting to take over purple, but you can see that purple is retaliating! Go purple go!
  19. Leo

    Just sacrificed my 4S Jailbreak for 5.1

    It's been running very slow, crashing lots, etc., so just now I decided to say "screw it" and updated to 5.1, knowing fully well that another jailbreak won't be around for a while, or at all. I haven't exactly been using many of the jailbreak features anyways, aside from Quick reply...but wow...
  20. Leo

    Tapatalk rebranding, worth it?

    I know this forum does that, just wondering, is it worth it? Have you noticed a significant spike in user activity by doing so? I am considering the same for my game forum for my online game, I think it could bring in some extra users.