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  1. stiphone

    Time Capsule Question

    Well, i've actually tried hiding the network name again and it seems to work only after you have gone to all your computers and re-register them to the network. After testing it out for a few days, that are a number of times when the network drops off by itself. Resetting the airport network...
  2. stiphone

    Time Capsule Question

    Well, thanks for the encouragement. Some of the members requested for a review of Time Capsule and since I had it, why not tell them what I thought about it. I'm not a professional reviewer (if there's such a term) but I'll try my best! :laugh2:
  3. stiphone

    Time Capsule Question

    Ok. I'll try my best to do a in-depth review of the Time Capsule that I have. Before I start, please note that the Time Capsule would be required to connect to all my systems running off the local network. (WiFi). The equipments I have at home are 2 Macs (1 MacBook/1 MacBook Pro : Both with...
  4. stiphone

    Any significant features with SDK 2.0?

    Well, there seems to be no platform to deliver the Apps created by the pioneer SDK developers until June when Apple releases the App Store. So my assumption would be that Apps will only be available to us in June. Until then, the only Apps you can get on your iPhone will be jailbroken iPhone Apps.
  5. stiphone

    Any significant features with SDK 2.0?

    :laugh2: That is a tremendous idea. Then the iPhone can also be considered a weapon and thus would not be allowed past the security checkpoints in Airports...:tounge:
  6. stiphone

    Any significant features with SDK 2.0?

    Is anyone here downloading the sdk? I had half a mind to download the sdk and start trying to program for the iPhone. Not too sure if it's too tough as I've not been programming for a long long time. Anyone know of any good place to start reading up on the programming and maybe a good tutorial...
  7. stiphone

    Record for....

    I've dropped my iPhone countless times. Some of the time by myself and numerous times by my little 2 yr old boy. He loved the iPhone and asks for it everytime I come home from work or when he wakes up from his sleep. He'll normally surf youtube on his favourite character 'tHomas the tank engine'...
  8. stiphone

    iPhone 2.0 update wishlist

    yes. Only Apple will know if they'll stillcontinue to add features for us in the following updates leading to 2.0. With regards to flash for iPhone, I've read that adobe flash is not coming to the iPhone soon as the mobile versions that they have right now is not good enough for the iPhone and...
  9. stiphone

    iPhone 2.0 update wishlist

    Mmmm... That's really interesting. Could it be that Apple have added this feature into the 1.1.4 update and kept mum about it? Maybe I should just try pairing my Bluetooth headphones to my iPhone and see if it'll works. I'll update you guys as later tonight hopefully as I'm still in town running...
  10. stiphone

    iPhone 2.0 update wishlist

    wow. Can't wait for iPhone 2.0 update in late June this year with the App Store coming out. It's gonna be a really exciting time with all the new apps, especially games. If the engineers can come out with games shown in the SDK preview in 2 weeks, I cannot imagine what we'll have in 4 months of...
  11. stiphone

    Watch TV on your MBA!

    I use to watch my slingbox from my Dash. Wish Thursday SDK will include SlingMedia program.
  12. stiphone

    AppleTV and Airport Extreme/Time Capsule

    well, I have both the Time Capsule and AppleTV. I love both of them. Wouldn't trade them for anything in the technology world.
  13. stiphone

    Time Capsule Question

    well, I just bought my Time Capsule on Saturday and I'm loving it. Both my wife's and my MacBook pro are backing up wirelessly to Time Capsule. Best of all, I can now store all my storage files into Time Capsule and I've connected it to my laser printer allowing me to print wirelessly. No more...
  14. stiphone

    Google Reader - vedddy niiice.

    I'm using Vienna on my MacBook Pro and wonder if I'll have any problem syncing the RSS reads on my MacBook Pro and iPhone then if I use google reader.
  15. stiphone

    MacBook Old question: MacBook: black or white?

    Well, I have a MacBook Pro and I use Mareware protection for it. It's really good for keeping your MacBook and MacBook Pro clean. The cushiony feeling it provides for the wrist is excellent. I definitely get another when I purchase my next MacBook. Try it out. I think they have one for the...
  16. stiphone

    OMG dropped/lost iPhone off motorcycle.

    Wow! Lucky man! I don't normally have the good fortune of someone returning my lost items...:frown: But I'm happy for you. I know what you must have felt when you first found out that your iPhone is missing. I know that feeling too well. That's why I'm holding on very tightly to my iPhone now!
  17. stiphone

    Carrier Logo Request Thread

    Can someone make s carrier logo with the word 'Stinger' ? Thanks and greatly appreciated! :tounge:
  18. stiphone

    Changing message, email tones

    Does anyone have any idea how to change the Message, Email and Alarm tones in the iPhone. I've been able to change the ringtones but I would really love to change the rest of the tones. Thanks. any help will be greatly appreciated. :laugh2: Not sure if it's posted in the forum already but I...
  19. stiphone

    NEWS: Apple Patent Watch: Portable User Accounts Coming to iPhone?

    sounds great to me....but 8gb's pretty small to be doing that.
  20. stiphone

    Black and White Photo icon set for iPhone

    Nice work! I love the graphics!