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  1. patrickj

    Is There a Good Swipe Typing Tweak / App?

    Is there a good swipe typing tweak / app for the latest jailbreak? If so, does it work on iPad and iPhone? Using Android devices has lead me to fall in love with swipe typing and I really miss it big-time when I switch over to my iPad mini.
  2. patrickj

    iPad Insight's Best iPad Apps of 2013

    My 4th annual selection of the best apps for the iPad - 5,000+ words and a pretty broad range of categories. Let mw know what you agree with, what I got wrong / missed, and all that jazz.
  3. patrickj

    Dirty Secret Songs You Like?

    Anyone else have any 'dirty secret' sort of songs you like? The sort of songs that admitting you like 'em in public (ya know, like on one of those internet forums) might obliterate the one tiny ounce of street cred you imagine yourself to have. How about sharing some of them here? I'll...
  4. patrickj

    Google I/O and WWDC

    Did anyone else watch the Google I/O keynote today? I've been watching it live for 3 hours now - they're on the final Q&A just now. A few very quick thoughts: -- Super slick presentation, with some amazing graphics. -- Vic Gundotra is one heck of an impressive presenter. -- Google+ just...
  5. patrickj

    Blast from the Past: PDA Deals at Amazon

    Did a post about these this morning, because it's big-time nostalgia for me: Seeing these also kinda reminds me of some of Louis CK's stuff about how ungrateful we are these days. Moaning about the lack of this...
  6. patrickj

    Amen to This: Google Gmail Update Is A Preview Of How Things Should Be In iOS 7

    Google Gmail Update Is A Preview Of How Things Should Be In iOS 7 Definitely agree that we should be able to choose our default apps for at least those three (Mail, Browser, Maps) and that we need more across the board sharing between apps. Another great post on what's needed in iOS 7...
  7. patrickj

    Career Day

    I'm doing a Career Day presentation at my daughter's school tomorrow morning - to groups of 3rd to 5th graders. Trying not to let the whole thing sound like "I wear shorts all day, don't have a boss, mess around with the Labrador most of the day, and sometimes write some stuff".
  8. patrickj

    So Excited - Academy Awards Tonight

    Nah, just messing. Tonight is Walking Dead night. :)
  9. patrickj

    Linux / Ubuntu Fans

    This sounds quite promising:
  10. patrickj

    Best iPad Apps of 2012

    My annual tradition now.
  11. patrickj

    My Review of My Favorite iPad mini Case

    Actually this is my favorite case for any iPad. It's not just a superb $15 case, it's an excellent case at any price - everything the Apple iPad Smart Case should've been and more.
  12. patrickj

    My iPad mini Smart Cover Review

    Just as great as its bigger cousin:
  13. patrickj

    Congrats Google - Worst Tech Support Call Ever

    I bought a Nexus 7 32GB with Mobile Data. Have been having a number of issues / questions around the mobile data side of things. The worst of them has been the fact that cellular data keeps turning itself back on even when I manually disable it via Settings. I searched the web and Nexus 7...
  14. patrickj

    AC/DC - in iTunes Store Finally

    The full AC/DC catalog is now available in iTunes. Hurray.
  15. patrickj

    Anyone Have Experience with iBookstore Publishing? Help?

    Anyone have experience with publishing to the iBookstore? I ask because I recently published an eBook via an online publisher. The book has received a couple negative reviews because the sample section offered up by the iBookstore (as kind of a try before you buy) is just a slice of the...
  16. patrickj

    It Wouldn't Happen if Steve ... Bollocks

    Here's one bit of faulty wisdom that gets trotted out far too often on the web these days: the 'It wouldn't happen if Steve Jobs was still in charge' for almost anything even slightly negative related to Apple. Today on Google+ I saw someone say this in reference to all the product parts and...
  17. patrickj

    Shameless Plug - My iPad Tips eBook

    My book of iPad tips hit the iBookstore and the Amazon Kindle store this morning. It's something quite a few readers at iPad Insight had suggested I do, and something I'd been meaning to do for a long while. I was total rookie to the process of getting an eBook published, or a book of any kind...
  18. patrickj

    Ever Wonder How an iCloud Restore of 25GB of iPad Apps Might Go? Just Great

    Wrote a post about this today. I was very pleasantly surprised and hugely impressed with how fast and easy this was.
  19. patrickj

    R.I.P. Neil Armstrong I remember the day he first set foot on the moon. Tons of kids, including me, stayed glued to TVs to take it all in - and I think just about...
  20. patrickj

    Why Does AT&T Automatically Turn on Cellular Data on the iPad Without Telling You?

    Just did a post on this at my iPad site. Every time you tap to view your cellular data account, cellular data is turned on automatically - and left on - without any sort of heads-up. I think is badly implemented and just plain wrong. Here's my article on this...