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  1. Starry

    MacBook Pro Freaking Rebooting ALL the time

    Ok what the hell is going on here... My MBP 2010 roughly continues to reboot on it's own.. I'm not running any boot/par/vmware or anything and it won't STOP it.. it does it about 30 times a friggin day :( Any clue before I go stand in line at Apple waiting on some dork to screw it up more LOL...
  2. Starry

    MacBook Pro Ready to throw my MBP out the nearest window!

    And I'm not talking Windows 7 :) I use VMWare because some of my programs and office things require IE but for some reason I get doing something it goes to a black screen still has power but does nothing.. I have to then turn it off and restart it and all my windows are still there but it's...