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  1. Iloveiphones

    iOS 7 activation lock

    Is there anyway to bypass the activation lock after a restore? I had to restore DFU a friends iPod and he doesn't remember the Apple ID.
  2. Iloveiphones

    Anyone into iPhone screen repairs?

    Anyone have a side businesss on repairing iPhone screens? I am likely getting into the businesss. Will the be sufficient enough? And where do you get your quality (Close to OEM, as there is no such thing as iPhone OEM screens)...
  3. Iloveiphones

    Remote start causes engine light to turn on

    Whenever I try and use my remote start, first, the engine just makes a click and nothing. Then after that all it does is my lights turn on. Then once I get into the car, the engine light is on. Few days later of not using remote start, engine light is off. Any help? It's a 2006 Pontiac Grand...
  4. Iloveiphones

    Where do you get your gas at?

    Where is your place to get gas at? My theory is this: I go to thorntons or BP only. When BP is cheaper or equal to thorntons, I go to BP. When thorntons is cheaper, I go there.
  5. Iloveiphones

    Will you pay full retail price or subsidized for the iPhone 6?

    The reason why I ask the question that is posed in the title is AT&T has their new mobile share plans that if you upgrade your phones, the phone plan goes up to $40 a phone instead of $15. Will you fork over the price to AT&T every month, or pay full retail for the iPhone 6? In case if anyone...
  6. Iloveiphones


    Who's excited for WWDC? I am! iOS 8, New Mac OSX, perhaps info on rumored iWatch, home automation or iPhone 6. Hopefully it will drive the stock price up.
  7. Iloveiphones

    Who's gonna buy Apple stock?

    With Apple recently announcing a 7 for 1 split, is anyone here gonna buy anyone? I'm looking to buy a share before the split. I doubt my parents will let me buy...despite this being a quick turnaround.
  8. Iloveiphones

    50GB cloud storage $0.99 You can get 50GB of iDrive Cloud storage for $0.99! Get it while you can! It's an in app purchase for iOS only.
  9. Iloveiphones

    Car Mechanics...what is this noise?

    My car just the other day, when going in reverse my car is squeaking like a chainsaw cutting wood. Except it is not the breaks, as when I step on them it stops and the car comes to a halt. When I go forward, it does not make a noise. Front brakes were replaced in 11 and rear brakes were replaced...
  10. Iloveiphones

    I would like to see a CarPlay kit.

    I'd like to see a kit where you can install the CarPlay hardware onto your current car. Maybe make it a little smaller then the current CarPlay screen. Far fetched, but I would like to see this someday, or something similar.
  11. Iloveiphones

    USPS fails me again

    Sent a package 30 miles away on Monday. Expected delivery date was Tuesday. They sent it to St Louis, when all mail is routed through champaign. Departed st louis yesterday and no updates since! This package needs to be there by Friday.
  12. Iloveiphones

    Developer pulling Flappy Bird from App Store

    Download it while you can, the developer said he's removing Flappy Birds from the App Store tomorrow.
  13. Iloveiphones

    Desktop or Laptop?

    What will be best for a web developer, particular for using XCode? I would really like a MacBook Pro, but I do not think I could be very productive on it, where a Mac Mini I could. For you developers, what do you use?
  14. Iloveiphones

    Keyboard shortcut

    On a program, alt+c is a shortcut to enable or disenable the feature on the program? Is there a way I can, for example, press the Ctrl key or any key and it enables and disenables the feature?
  15. Iloveiphones


    Arctic blast coming down..Saturday we are supposed to get 4-6 inches of snow and windy. Sunday we are supposed to get 1-3 inches. Sundays low is -20 with wind chills approaching -50. Mondays high is -7 and windy!
  16. Iloveiphones

    New Computer

    Won a computer at's a custom build. 8GB of RAM, 2TB HDD, AMD 3300 processor, windows 7, and a sweet monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse, and speakers with even a subwoofer!
  17. Iloveiphones

    Battery life cut off by several hours

    Just a few days ago my battery life was phenomenal, now it's terrible! It's really disappointing. I don't know what's causing it!
  18. Iloveiphones

    Look what I got...

    Picked it up at Walmart! $189 with $75 gift card. 16GB Gold
  19. Iloveiphones

    Need Wordpress help

    I recently moved a wordpress site from one server to another, and the imported posts, when I click on read more, the page goes right to the bottom, and we have to scroll up. Nobody seems to know. Any help?
  20. Iloveiphones

    Having trouble downloading Facebook app

    I'm unable to download the update or app. Anyone else?