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    Anyone get iPhone tethering to work

    i haven't tried it yet, but how about this one?
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    Share EDGE? Possible?
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    Where to find games for NES?

    google "NES ROMS" and off you go.
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    iPhone running slow?

    when was the last time you power cycle it? if it's been a few days, then you should power cycle it. that should get rid of the slowness.
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    iPhone touchscreen response problem

    you need to power cycle it once in a while. if you leave it on for too long, it gets sluggish. maybe there's a memory leak or something.
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    Leaving for Paris w/iPhone

    i'm going to france myself next week. i've called AT&T and activated intl'l roaming. it'll be $1.29/min voice and $0.02/min data. pretty steep. i plan to remove the sim and stick to wifi as much as possible.