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  1. chrisappleton

    do i have to wait?

    its probably going to be locked to cingular...move to the us
  2. chrisappleton

    MP3s as Ringtones: Does it really matter?

    ringtones made me think about something when my razr rings i press a button (through my pants pocket) on the side of it to shut it up. anyone have an idea if something like this on the iPhone or will we have to use the touch screen?
  3. chrisappleton

    iPhone camera interface

    does anyone know how many megapixels the camera will be?
  4. chrisappleton

    Apple vs windows? what do you think?

    Apple for the win! I can't wait for when I first get to use isync to add all my contacts to the iPhone
  5. chrisappleton

    Should I wait until "iPhone 1.1" ?

    Alot of people have told me don't buy v 1.0 but I trust Apple. My macbook is amazing and i hope the same for the ipod.
  6. chrisappleton

    Should I heed this warning?

    anyone have a guess as to how much the Apple care would cost on the iPhone?
  7. chrisappleton

    For those of you who can't wait for the iPhone...

    don't really see that this would match up to the iPhone at all. this seems like an ipod assessory that would be interesting tho. too many pieces to make it practicle tho
  8. chrisappleton

    micro projector inside iPhone?

    this does seem pretty ridiculous. although obi won would be sweet