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  1. Fred87nc

    I need help unlocking iPhone 2g v2.2 for Christmas

    I made the promise to my friend to have it done for his son this after 2 hours, I'm stuck, I can't get it done. I used Pwnge tool and it just doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? The only step is that I can't get the thing to ask for the bootloader. Any help guys please.
  2. Fred87nc

    Youtube quality on 3G iPhone?

    Whats the quality of youtube on 3g iPhone running on 3g? Is it like edge or like wifi.
  3. Fred87nc

    Official edge Vs 3G speeds Thread! Post them.

    OK I did my own test. with restarted Safari. Edge took 45 seconds to load up completely 3g on the video took 25 seconds. thats a 2x increase people. Wifi took 18 seconds. Not tooo shabby. Conclusion: EDGE:45s 3G:25s Wifi: 18s
  4. Fred87nc

    90% of worthy apps are Free!

    Theres even apps that are free that are identical to those that cost money, Really theres so many quality free apps that I was surprised they didn't charge for them. The good ones are actually the ones that are free. The app store rocks, I think this is better then the 3g and GPS!
  5. Fred87nc

    No Video conferencing, no buy for me!

    GPS, 3g not enough, only thing thats going to get me to buy one and pay for 3g is video conferencing. anyone else agree? according to engadget, no video conferencing, we'll see.......
  6. Fred87nc

    Does adding a line to your AT&T , bring a new contract?

    if I already have a sim phone and I want to add another 10 dollar line to my existing contract, does att require a 2 year contract with it? Or any contract? I'm trying to put my gf with att. Thanks in advance and sorry for asking here Instead of Doing proper research.
  7. Fred87nc

    Anyone else take a shower with their iPhone?

    Now I know your going to say , why would you want your iPhone with you in the shower? Well I like to take long bath showers sometimes , and having my phone there to surf the interet just makes it much nicer. Anyways what I did was put my iPhone in a zip loc bag , and then put that bag into...
  8. Fred87nc

    Any websites to watch full length free movies on iPhone?

    I am looking for websites where I can watch free movies on iPhone. Anyone know of any? I know has videos from VEOH which is also known for having full length movies. If any one knows of a good website where I can stream movies or even TV shows, I'll gladly appreciate it.
  9. Fred87nc

    How do I make the ROM folder without Computer on iPhone?

    I'm trying to put roms on my iPhone through iShare, but I don't have a roms folder under media yet. anyway to create it without a computer?
  10. Fred87nc

    2 very minor scratches on screen...

    ok people protect your iPhone, get a screen protector. I bought one and returned it thinking it was useless. Well now I got 2 minor scratches on my screen . They may be minor but thy are still there. So nothing prevents it to get more scratches in the future, so the iPhone is scratchable , had...
  11. Fred87nc

    refurbished $400 iPhone, Very tempting!

    So now that they are selling the iPhone for $400, its very tempting to buy one of this for my girlfriend. Only problem is she's with verizon, So I would have to open up a line on my account and sign up for 2 years :frown:. Unlocked phones can't be used with Verizon right? mmm
  12. Fred87nc

    call back call failed bug?

    ok so i have this ugly issue with call failed. Apparently sometimes my phone won't call a number and I keep getting repeatly failed call even if I got reception, the call won't even go in. Today I called my girlfriend and her house number wouldn't dialed just prompt me to the call back screen...
  13. Fred87nc

    Called Apple Support and they Said I got Great Battery Life?...

    Ok So I told them I would get around 4 hours and 16 hours stand by and they said I got good battery life. I was like wtf. So They Told me to do a restore and keep a log of what I'm doing and Call them back... any Advice?
  14. Fred87nc

    4 hour battery usage 10% left, bad battery?

    Ok I don't get it my Battery Sucks, Ok I keep my Brightness at around 10-15 Percent. I was on Wifi a lot today, maybe 3 of those hours was on wifi surfing the net listening to some music, but damn Why 4 hours? I mean I expect atleast 6 hours of heavy usage. What do you guys think? I see a lot of...
  15. Fred87nc

    Are my Contacts gonna be deleted after Restore?

    Noooo I don't want my contacts deleted if I restore it,How can I keep them?
  16. Fred87nc

    Anyone else get stupid looks when Using iPhone's earbuds to talk?

    Somepeople at work today ask me who I was talking to, Cause I was just talking to my girlfriend using my iPhone headset, but since it looks like regular mp3 earbuds they thought I was crazy lol.
  17. Fred87nc

    First iPhone drop not by me

    today July 23 at 5:05 pm this girl at work is talking to my supervisor i look away for a second and i hear the most horrible sound ever. Bam bam bam, she says " your gonna kill me!" omg this b**** drops my iPhone and on top drops it on puro concrete, consequences: one small dent on the back...
  18. Fred87nc

    Sometimes intelligent keyboard doesn't work?

    Sometimes the intelligent kb doesn't like right now its not working, why is this, anyone else experience this.
  19. Fred87nc

    Going to Return Friends Fautly iPhone tomorrow(any tips?)

    Ok so my friend is on his 11 day iPhone and it started to screw up on him. Apparently it all happen when he put music on his iPhone. He doesn't have a computer so he relies on his friends computer or work's computer to put stuff in his iPhone. Well After that he said that the iPhone started to...
  20. Fred87nc

    Original Signal,WiFi Files anyone got them?

    Does anyone have the original Files for the Phone signal and wifi? or can someone let me know how I can locate them on my own computer? Also if any is kind enough to post the original Wifi and Signal Icons in the Color Blue that comes up when your in an application I greatly appreciate it...