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  1. wrhutch

    Anyone bought WiFi iPad and now regret not getting 3G?

    Not me, I'm happy with my WiFi only. But I am glad that I purchased the 64 Gig version. I keep a lot of movies on it.
  2. wrhutch

    Happy with Apples stance.

    While I haven’t had any issues with my iPhone 4 to date and am a very happy Apple customer, I believe that today’s event was simply an attempt at PR damage control. I would have felt much better had Steve said “We have worked our butts off researching the issue, completed exhaustive testing on...
  3. wrhutch

    Anyone else have a trouble-free iPhone 4?

    I haven't had any issues to date.
  4. wrhutch

    iPhone 3GS Falls 200ft Off RC Plane

    Oh my! Can you picture the folks at Apple Warranty watching this?
  5. wrhutch

    Apple/AT&T lines if any? Post location

    No lines this morning at 9:30 in the Sherman Texas AT&T store. I waited for about 30 minutes inside for the 32Gig 3GS. This is what the V1 phone should have been like two years ago. It's a major improvement over the V1.
  6. wrhutch

    Happy New Year, eic!

    Happy New Year to EIC and to all of the Members!
  7. wrhutch

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to Everyone! :smile:
  8. wrhutch

    Let's see your costumes from friday!

    A new villain and icafe has changed since I was last here.
  9. wrhutch

    Let's see your costumes from friday!

    Wow Buffy.
  10. wrhutch

    iPhone 3G vs. Blackberry Storm

    The Storm would be my next phone if it had WiFi.
  11. wrhutch

    Google street view coming and other features.

    I've wondered about that as well.
  12. wrhutch

    New Microsoft add campaign begins!

    Gates isn't good at doing commercials, not that I could do a better job. Maybe it would be better if they didn't pair him with Seinfield all of the time.
  13. wrhutch

    can we please get copy paste already!

    We've complained about the lack of C&P since the original iday and still no results. I expect this to be a possible selling point for V3. My view is that I love my V1 iPhone but would be much more productive and happy if it had C&P and A2DP.
  14. wrhutch

    Official iPhone Software Update 2.1 Pre-release Discussion

    I don't believe that we will see A2DP or C&P in this update. I've been waiting for both since the first iDay. If Apple does decide to add it it will be a major revision such as 3.0 etc..
  15. wrhutch

    iTunes 8 today, but what time?

    Same here. Apple's quality control is slipping.
  16. wrhutch

    Official iPhone Software Update 2.1 Pre-release Discussion

    Very well said and true.
  17. wrhutch

    Hmm... will early 3G adopters be qualified for the subsidy price for the 32GB 3G?

    Actually there are still a lot of V1 owners out there. I'm holding off for V3, Apple has some cool features coming soon for all of their handheld Devices. :wink: Wish I could say more (NDA).
  18. wrhutch

    The Next "iPhone Killer"

    That was great! I think the iPhone box should have little dancing Apples.
  19. wrhutch

    2.0.2 I still hate you!

    2.02 works great on my original iDay iPhone. No problems so far.
  20. wrhutch

    I'm now scared to buy a 3G...

    Well said and true :smile: