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  1. MNJON

    AT&T vs. Verizon, does it really matter?

    Since these are not linked to my iPhone service in any way... is there a reason why I could not pick either of these to go with? Is one service better than the other? My current iPad 2 is an AT&T one.... but.... maybe Verizon offers something better for rates? Any thoughts? Is Veriszon as...
  2. MNJON

    Anyone ever have Electical Problems, like a fried cable?

    Here is a picture of the cable end after my wife tried to plug in her iPad 2. She's plugged it in 50 times or so, having had it 2 months. Anyway... she didn't notice the end had fried... but did notice it was not charging.... this close-up shows it much worse than when you are holding it in...
  3. MNJON

    NetFlix for $7.99 a month or rent 1 movie for $5?

    Why would anyone rent a movie for $4.99 when they can watch all the streaming netflix movies for $7.99 a month!? Maybe iTunes has a better variety or something but man..... watch two movies and you're losing money already! I've watched 10 at least on netflix so far for one low fee. So, what do...
  4. MNJON

    Best Note Taking App for Lefties?

    Is there some lefties on here who use note taking apps? I'd like to buy a high quality app for taking notes (recording would be nice too) but need it to work for southpaws too! Thanks for your thoughts on this!
  5. MNJON

    iPhone 4, phone volume almost unable to hear

    My wife may have messed up a setting if there is one, because all of a sudden, she can barely hear the caller when holding her phone to her ear. It works fine when on speaker though! Ideas?
  6. MNJON

    Can you delete pictures from the cloud?

    Like it says....... If so, how? Or from the stream.......
  7. MNJON

    I just joined the team! Now a quick Question or three!

    I just got my wife the iPad 2 and tomorrow, I'll pick mine up! woo hoo! Exciting! So, trying to sync her iOS5 phone with the iPad and not doing too well.... Contacts did it all on their own, but I took a pic or two and they didn't go to the big cloud and onto the other unit. So, thats one...
  8. MNJON

    How to add a movie you currently own to iPad 2?

    Is there an easy way to take a DVD Movie you own at home and put it on your iPad? If YES, how? Thanks!
  9. MNJON

    IF it was to be in March of 2012.....

    What is THE date? Is there already a set date that Apple has for announcing new goodies?
  10. MNJON

    Help me decide... I AM pulling the trigger... Now, what size?

    I do not have any iPad yet but have decided to buy now and enjoy one, rather than wait for another that may or may not arrive in March. So, the question.... since I will probably upgrade if there are enough reasons, once the new ipad is released, should i go for the big guns and get a 64GB or...
  11. MNJON

    I just got this 4s and "Cellular Usage" says 10 days?

    Why would my phone that was delivered today, show 10 days and 16 hours!?!?
  12. MNJON

    Does your mail do this?

    When I open my mailboxes section, at the bottom, it will look like its downloading... but it never moves.... depending on the last mailbox you open and how many mails was shown I guess.. but the bar doesn't move... like it's locked up. Now it says "Downloading 54 of 54". On another mailbox, it...
  13. MNJON

    Sending mail from your .me account. What gives?

    When I set my wifes phone up with iOS5 two days ago... I got her cloud to work wehen sending mail from her new .me acct... by "adding" a new setting... and using her email/password.... now hers don't work with that method and My new phone wont either! Have any of you tried sending...
  14. MNJON

    Network connection issues at setup! Help?

    Wow, this hurts! The new phone is cool... and I was able to activate it and even play with Siri (don't tell my wife)... but, it is not connecting to my wi-fi. It waid the password was not correct so I took the option to continue setup without wifi on. Once all was done and I restored with...
  15. MNJON

    Erase all content and settings?

    So I'm needing to clean off my iPhone 4 to give it to its new buyer.... is it safe to just use the "Erase all content and settings" feature from the Settings/General area? Will that make my info safe? Anything else I need to do? Thanks!
  16. MNJON

    The "FedEx Tried to sneak away" post....

    Ok, I'm not saying he has done it a lot, but he has done it.... this time he better not try! ha ha Maybe I am too excited.. what do you think?
  17. MNJON

    AT&T just charged my card for the full amount! Here it comes!

    Hmmm this morning when I pre-ordered (4AM CST) AT&T charged the $1 "is your card working" thing.... just now, they hammered it for the total! The receipt says my card will be charged at the time of shipping..... so, I guess mine is going out today!?!?! LOL..... I'm dead serious. Anyone have...
  18. MNJON

    4s white vs black - there is a difference, not just in the colors!

    Take a look at the picture from Apple, showing both the Black and the White 4s models. Do you notice that the White has what looks to be two ear piece slits and the Black only has one? What's the reason they are different?
  19. MNJON

    My New iPhone 5 (Ok, 4s) question... 32gb or 64?

    I have a 4 with a 32gb right now and I only have like 200 pictures on it and about 4 music cd's... so... even with a small bunch of apps.... I have 28gb FREE! Do you think the newer apps will take a lot more space... or might the video be so great that I would use it enough... or.... is there...
  20. MNJON

    How to add pictures from computer to iPhone?

    Other than emailing myself a ton of pics and then saving them all.... is there a way I can use the usb and my windows exploder to just drag-drop pictures that I want on the iPhone? Also... is there a way to make a new folder for differant subjects of pictures? How about making a directory for...