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  1. Booyow1204

    GPS no longer functions on iPhone 6 AT&T

    Not sure if it's a network issue or failure of the phone itself but for the past few weeks I have no GPS functioning on my phone. I'm on the latest software update and carrier settings. I have tried the stock Apple maps, and multiple apps and the same thing happens......locating........ If I'm...
  2. Booyow1204

    Mac Pro Just got a MacBook Pro!! :)

    Hi Everybody!!, Super stoked, finally bit the bullet and purchased my first MacBook today, I purchased the Pro at my local Best Buy. Before that I was using a PC on Windows 8.1 (happy to say bye to Windows lol). I am totally new to Mac OS (I have an iPhone and an iPad). Besides getting used to...
  3. Booyow1204

    Quick reply bug ios 8.1.1

    Anybody have this issue? For me it came up recently I have banners enabled for text messages so I can reply from the lock screen. I have noticed a bug popping up recently as the keyboard to type in quick reply is totally missing. Anybody else notice this?
  4. Booyow1204

    Live Clock app? Really?

    Okay I feel totally dumb for posting this but today I was just staring at my phone and ended up focused on my clock app not sure why. To my astonishment the second hand on the clock app actually moves! I know I'm totally a first class passenger on the late freight but my question is has anyone...
  5. Booyow1204

    Notes gone from iCloud, why?

    Has this happened or anyone?... For some reason all my notes are completely gone. I don't know if it's the iCloud server tripping out on me or what but it's really annoying. I have been using the notes app to save my passwords. (Not anything important you know the stupid ones like
  6. Booyow1204

    Help setting up my old 3GS as an iPod w/iTunes.

    So I'm rocking my 5, I upgraded from my 3GS, not going to sell it but plan on using it as an iPod touch moving forward. My car has an iPod jack that I can keep an iPod plugged into, I can take it to the gym/beach or other places when I don't want to risk losing/damaging my 5, other uses I plan...
  7. Booyow1204

    Where did my Facebook go?

    So that convenient little feature on iOS 6 where you can update your FB status from the notification bar...Ya it just disappeared. I swear I didn't turn it off. Checked the settings and it appears to be turned on. Anybody hear about/ have this happen before?
  8. Booyow1204

    New iPhone 5.....should I sell my 3GS?

    I've been on the fence if I should keep my old iPhone. I had a 3GS before I upgraded. (I'm doing cartwheels over the improvement!) I still have my 3GS phone and was wondering if I should even bother trying to sell it? I don't think it's really worth anything now w/the 4 dropping in price and...
  9. Booyow1204

    No email on iPhone 5

    So got my new iPhone the girl at the Apple store that helped me said I could have all my settings/messages/etc. I could just restore from back up. Now I did all those things but I still don't have email on my phone. I have Yahoo and it keeps prompting me for my password. I enter it once and it...
  10. Booyow1204

    iPhone 5 will be in my hot hands tomorrow

    So I'm super excited just ordered my new iPhone 5 off of the Apple website! I was on the website a minute or two after 10:00, and to my surprise the server actually let me through and there was stock. My local Apple store has one available for pick up, and ready for me to go grab tomorrow. I'm...
  11. Booyow1204

    Can't Pre-order iPhone 5

    Don't know if it is the Apple website server or if there is no iPhone 5's that can be preordered. I have been searching for availability and given up on buying one from the store, so I was gonna just go to the source and order one from the Apple website. I'm not sure if others are having...
  12. Booyow1204

    Facebook app is dead silent.

    I have been having a problem w/the Facebook app (since I updated to IOS 6 it seems). I was wondering if anybody has had any issues receiving audible alerts for Facebook? Or maybe I have some settings messed up. Whenever I get a comment/message/reply to status update or pretty much any alert...
  13. Booyow1204

    In mourning for my lost 3GS

    So my poor trusty phone that has been w/me for ages (2+years) is currently away from it's papa. Was in a bar having a good time and left to go somewhere else and realized I was phoneless, ran back frantic, (less than 5mins later). Searched high and low no phone anywhere, asked everybody and...
  14. Booyow1204

    What happened to everything iCafe mobile?

    Has anybody had any issues w/the mobile version of everything iCafe? My iPhone won't go to the mobile version of the site anymore. I even tried typing "m." in front of the URL for mobile but Safari only takes me to the desktop version. I like using the mobile version on my phone cause I can...
  15. Booyow1204

    iMessage bubble.....

    I know there's topics on iMessage already, just wondering if anybody knew specifically what this little bubble means..... -it usually appears after you reply to somebody and are waiting for a response a little bubble w/ "..." inside of it, does this mean they are typing their reply? It appears...
  16. Booyow1204

    EIC Logs me out?

    Don't know if I'm late on this one, or if it's already been mentioned and I just missed it. My issue is the app logs me out when I quit the app (usually when I kill the app from my background). If I exit and go back in w/out killing the app from my multi-task bar I don't notice a problem...
  17. Booyow1204

    Syncing a different iPod iPod to iTunes

    Hey y'all just a quick question for everyone out there. My friend let me borrow his iPod the other day so I can listen to his music. Is there a way for me to add some of his songs to my iTunes? Or make a CD of some of his songs? Will iTunes even allow that, he obviously has a different iTunes...
  18. Booyow1204

    Multi-Tasking and Battery

    Ok I'm sure this isn't a new topic but it's new to me, my friend gave me her old 3GS, is on 4.2.1 first phone I had w/multi-tasking and all that before I had 3G, but seems like the battery is dying pretty quickly charged it a couple hours ago, listening to iPod, app switching but only a couple...
  19. Booyow1204

    I owned my iPhone 4 for about 34 hours

    Just thought I'd share my thoughts on my recent experience.... I have the iPhone 3G currently and have owned it for more than a yr and so close to Christmas I decided to give myself the gift of a new, sleek iPhone 4, I was a little weary from the beginning w/what's been going on w/the iPhone 4 so I...
  20. Booyow1204

    Advice on dumping my 3G

    Hey there everybody! Ok so my 3G is almost two years old, (a year and a half right about) and at this point I'm ready to go in the backyard, dig a hole chuck the phone in there cover it up w/the dirt and walk away. The phone is getting to be tooooo slow to keep up w/me, random freezes when I...