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  1. Skb2000

    What circuitous route has your iPhone 6 taken?

    My iPhone 6+ was supposed to have arrived today. Didn't get here. It seems it is taking the scenic route. From China it went to Korea then to Ankorage,AK. From there it has disappeared. Where has your iPhone 6 been?
  2. Skb2000

    My Music?

    Ok, I broke down and bought a new 5S. I thought iTunes put all my stuff on the new one except I do not see any of my music.. Just some Christmas stuff that I guarantee was not on MY old phone. Slap my hand if there is another thread like this but I didn't see it with a quick peruse. How do I...
  3. Skb2000

    My iTunes library is empty

    I have to admit, I haven't been paying attention.... I got a new MBP in December and thought I had done everything that needed to be done regarding migrating things over. I synced my iPhone and ipad. Fast forward to today... I decided I wanted to listen to some music on my computer while I was...
  4. Skb2000

    Bad Piggies?

    Anyone download and try it yet?
  5. Skb2000

    Can some one tell me about pre-paid SIM cards?

    For some unknown reason, the universe was cooperating this morning and I managed an AT&T coup.. they unlocked my 4S even though I am not due for an upgrade yet. ( I am not interested in new phone anyway). I am going to be doing some traveling in the UK and possibly Spain and France in the near...
  6. Skb2000

    Question on DVD to iPad converter

    About a year ago, iskysoft was giving away their software to convert DVD's to iPhone 4 ( I assume it works on ipad?). I forgot I had it and have been using Handbrake.. which works fine except it takes a year and a half to convert anything! I was researching some other conversion software and...
  7. Skb2000

    Photos of iPad 2 cases

    I am in the hunt for a case for my ipad 2. For those of you who have cases for yours, can you please post pics and reviews? Thanks.
  8. Skb2000

    Who has the best iPad 2 return policy?

    I know this is the wrong forum but I am being lazy... and I know Irish will see this :-) Who has the best return policy?
  9. Skb2000

    AT&T has some redeeming qualities

    I got am email from AT&T this morning saying that my contract had been changed... since I don't recall doing anything, I gave them a call. They told me that the other phone on my contract (belonging to my stepson) now has a data plan on it because it is a smartphone. That's strange, I say...
  10. Skb2000

    Unlimited data plan for iPad

    Any one know what AT&T is going to do if you currently have an unlimited plan and want to upgrade to the ipad 2?
  11. Skb2000

    My trip to India

    I decided to start off right away. We booked these tickets using frequent flyer points and were able to get biz class tickets. We are sitting in the lounge waiting for our flight to Chicago to Istanbul to Mumbai
  12. Skb2000

    App that lets you print from your iPad Sale today... $0.99 instead of $4.99.. Says today only. I just grabbed it.
  13. Skb2000

    Documents to Go ?

    I am looking at this app but I hate spending the money... just call me cheap! Can people who have it give me a run down on it? Is there a good alternative? What are my options please? Thanks.
  14. Skb2000

    RSS Reader for iPad

    I love my Ipad and use it more and more rather than my iPhone 4 because these old eyes need the larger print. I just came across a new feed reader and I am loving it. River Of News It is not free $2.99 but I think well worth it. You...
  15. Skb2000

    What does this app do?

    I am sure I am not the only one to download apps then forget what they are for or what to do with them. I decided to do some housekeeping today and the first App I have come to is Air-Gallery lite... ok, so I know you can transfer your photos wirelessly from your iPhone to your computer.... but...
  16. Skb2000

    Photogene $.99 for next few days

    For those of you who were thinking of getting Photogene.. it is now on sale!
  17. Skb2000

    Stupid pills

    I swear that some mornings I wake up thinking I took stupid pills the night before. This morning was one such morning. I have a bunch of DVD's that I want to watch on my ipad. I could not for the life of me figure out how to convert them... I forgot everything I had read. I finally Googled it...
  18. Skb2000

    Time to change browser?

    I have been using Firefox as my browser of choice for the past 9+ years, first on my PC's and now on my Mac. As of the latest update it is doing funky things I don't like. And the worst is it doesn't behave the same way on the Mac side as on the Parallels/Windows side. The latest Adobe Flash...
  19. Skb2000

    Jailbreak for Dummies?

    I am sure I am not the only one on this forum who has never jail broken a phone and I have tons of questions. I am sure some of them will sound stupid but I don't care. I don't know the first thing about this subject and would like to have as much info as I can in order to make an intelligent...
  20. Skb2000

    Dealing with Craig's List

    OK, lets just say I had a "senior" moment today and now I need some advice. I have never bought or sold anything on Craig's list but today I decided to list my 3G for sale. I figured it would take awhile to sell. I have had 6 serious bites so far. Here is my problem... how do you deal with them...