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  1. JFN

    Evernote Problem After Hack Fix

    Went through all the password changing per Evernote, Changed it on the web and now I the new password is rejected on the iPhone and Ipad. Anyone else have this problem? I have a premium account, sent an email t support and within 20 min had a response that basically do what the instructions said...
  2. JFN

    How many apps are enough?

    How many apps are enough?
  3. JFN

    Doing work with an iPad

    This is the main reason for investing in an iPad, yesterday I recived an email with an attachment that i had to respoond to, being that my Mini Mac took this opportunity to die, I had to resort to the iPad, I downloaded an attachment to a email, opened the document made the cahnges with...
  4. JFN

    How do I wipe data from SIM card for use in iPad?

    I sold my ipad1 to a friend. It was wiped and restored to original. Everything went well up to today when we tried to get 3G service. He couldn't get in to enter his data so I entered my username & password. We were able to view all my information, apparently when you restore to factory...
  5. JFN


    I have Photoalbums+ on my 4S, when I go to download the phone ti iphoto there 4 copies of every picture in every folder, any help on fixing this problem?
  6. JFN


    So, if I backup my iPad 1 to the cloud, can I restore to my iPad 3 and have the same setup on the 3 ?
  7. JFN

    Home screen share bar

    Please get rid of the floating share bar on the home screen, it is very annoying and on the I pad it floats in the middle of the article one is trying to read. I don't understand the share deal, everything is being updated to share with everyone and everyone. it just seems we are getting share...
  8. JFN

    Jailbroke iPad 1

    Well I had my IiPad 1 for sale on another forum I visit daily, and had a gentleman interested and asked for more information, so I described the condition, offered pictures, and gave a explanation of the IOS installed and it was jailbroke, which I could preserve, or remove. I received a reply...
  9. JFN

    Clean to sale

    Need recommendation on how to wipe my iPad 1 for sale so all personal data and apps are gone.
  10. JFN

    Made the plunge

    I just ordered a new 4S, that will be replacing my trusted jailbroke 3GS. seems there is a shortage of the 4s as it will be 1 to 2 weeks before it arrives. Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  11. JFN

    Quit on my Sony

    Apple TV quit working on my Sony projector big screen, but works fine on my Visio! What's up with that?
  12. JFN

    Mystery, info needed.

    Ibelieve pocket informant is causing the error in the screen shot, but I don't understand why? Any ideas? Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  13. JFN

    Help, I've lost all my Contacts,

    Or I've lost all my pictures ETC, I don't know why I get immediately upset when I see these posts taking up bandwidth, People Please backup your phones, how hard can it be just plug your computer, start iTunes and it's automatic if you desire, if JB get Pkgbackup and do it from your phone. I'm...
  14. JFN

    Strange email

    I get a notification of email on my iPhone, so I check it. There 3 messages, there is no sender, no subject, and the date sent is 12/31/69, which happens to be my birthday month and day. That was the year I got out of the USAF ! I cannot remember or nor can my wife what we were doing new years...
  15. JFN


    Will anyone explain to me why we all need cloud service ,any cloud service? Put all your stuff on the cloud for the world to break into, oh sorry we had a security breech ,but nothing important was taken, seems like they going to shove this up our ,ops down our throat and when we think this is...
  16. JFN

    Memory usage

    First the facts: 3GS, 32Gigs, 25.2 G free, version 4.2.1, JB with grenposion. All of a sudden or at least I just noticed the memory last couple of days in the afternoon is anywhere from 40mb to 15mb, the phone is way slow and if I try to take a picture the photo ap shuts down and the home...
  17. JFN

    Landscape or Portrait

    Which do you prefer? Myself I use landscape exclusively.
  18. JFN

    Thank you chris

    For the latest up dat to include. The iPad, great. JFN Sent from my iPad using iacfe app
  19. JFN

    The NHRA Thread

    Winternationals this weekend Pomona, Ca televised Saturday and Sunday on ESPN 7 PM eastern
  20. JFN

    IREALSMS Problem

    Hello everyone, new to jailbreak, new to irealsms and having problems, first jailbroke iPhone 3GS, version4.2.1,irealsms version my problem is no delivery notice and no voice I have ck'd all the settings and I believe they are correct any Ideas? I have posted same as here on the...