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  1. raqball

    MacBook Macbook 2016

    Anyone have it? I am considering snagging one but not sure if I should go base 1.1 ghz or upgrade to the 1.2 ghz. I don't need the extra storage the 1.2 provides so my thought process is if the very minor bump in processor really worth the extra $300? I am going to say / guess that it's not...
  2. raqball

    iPhone SE Picked one up today

    I picked up an unlocked SE today space gray and 64GB.. I have been using a Sony Xperia Z5 Compact for the past 6 months or so and have came to really dig the smaller phones. I had forgotten just how much I liked the iPhone 5 and 5S look and form factor... So far, it's only day one and I'm...
  3. raqball

    iPhone 6s iPhone 6s slow sending messages

    Started yesterday and my messages are very slow to send (text not iMessage). Sometimes they don't even send and I get an error saying 'send failure' I factory reset the phone but it's still doing it. Any suggestions? Edit: Disregard. It's an AT&T issue effecting Southern California and other...
  4. raqball

    Release date for Apple TV (2015)?

    Still can't find any info on the release date for the new Apple TV. All I can find is end of October.. Anyone have an exact date?
  5. raqball

    Email opens on it's own

    Updated to El Capitan on my Early 2015 rMBP and had some issues with lag. Factory reset the machine and installed new / fresh. Now every so often my email just pops open.. LOL Anyone else seeing this?
  6. raqball

    Does the iPhone need more than 1GB RAM?

    I get the whole RAM argument. Some same the more RAM used by the system the better and I agree to a point. However, the iPhone skimps in this regard and only offers 1GB. This is after a fresh reboot of the iPhone 6. Does the iPhone need more RAM?
  7. raqball

    Does your phone have more storage than your computer?

    I was thinking (which is dangerous) that with the 128GB iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that there are probably people whose phone has more storage than their PC.. What say you 128GB iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners. Does your phone have more storage than your PC or Mac SSD has?
  8. raqball

    iPhone 6 randomly shuts off

    I've had some recent issues and I am not sure if they are a result of the new OS's. I had an issue with my Macbook Pro on 10.10 but that's another matter that has been resolved. My iPhone 6 has twice now just shut itself off while chillin' on the coffee table. Once last night and once today. I...
  9. raqball

    Retailers shutting down NFC terminals to block ApplePay

    I came across this is my rss feed and found it interesting.. Wonder how many more will follow suit? Quote from the article:
  10. raqball

    Yosemite bugs and issues

    I have a mid 2014 Macbook Pro Retina. I updated to Yosemite on release day and just about everything is fine and I love the new UI. However, I have a few pesky bugs! I've factory reset twice via a USB restore stick and that did not solve the issues. Thinking my USB restore stick might be...
  11. raqball

    How To: Merge 2 Apple ID's (sort of, kind of, almost) using Family Share

    I have an issue that many other users have. We have 2 Apple ID's.. In my case one is tied to my store account and one is tied to my email / iCloud account. There is no way to merge these and it appears as though Apple has no plans that allow us to do so.. It should be a simple solution on...
  12. raqball

    2 Apple ID's (still no way to merge)

    I have had this problem for years! I have 2 Apple ID's and really wish there was a way to merge them. My store Apple ID has a old address that was hacked and closed years ago so I no longer have access to that email which is really not an issue. All my app store purchases are under...
  13. raqball

    iMac Anyone buy the 5k iMac

    Has anyone here purchased the 5K iMac? I am curious to know if there are any issues with the system as it tries to push the 5K display..
  14. raqball

    What's new in Apple TV 7.0.1 update?

    My Apple TV says it has an update but it keeps timing out while trying to download it.. I assume Apple servers are getting hammered right now by iOS updates.. Anyone know what this update is all about? Edit: The update went through.. Nothing new and nothing has changed. Must just be a minor...
  15. raqball

    List your favorite Mac notification widgets

    List your favorite Widgets for use in the notification center.. Here are mine! 1) Weather 2) Yahoo Sports (easily customized for your favorite sports teams) 3) Deliveries (I've used this for years on the dashboard and now it's available as a notification widget!) 4) Calendar There are not...
  16. raqball

    Scored One

    Got lucky and scored a space gray on AT&T today at my local Apple Store.. :) I went with the 6 as the 6+ was just too big. So far I am really diggin' it.. :insert happy dance here:
  17. raqball

    Roku 3

    Anyone planning on getting the Roku 3? I am kicking the idea around. I might sell my Roku 2 and get the 3.. It looks interesting and the GUI looks to be MUCH improved.
  18. raqball

    How's your iPhone 5S battery life?

    Figured I'd be the 1st to ask! :-P Sorry, I could not resist the urge...
  19. raqball

    VPN: How to with Apple TV

    Apple TV is great but if you have a 3rd Generation you are limited in what it can and can't do. Yes you can AirPlay many, many things from an iDevice but there are times and reasons why you may want to use a VPN. It's not a free solution but its cheap enough to where the cost should not be an...
  20. raqball

    Sad to see my LTE mini go!

    I have had my LTE mini since it was released (it was a pre-order) but a friend of mine wants to trade her iPad 4 for it and I said yes. I will still have my WiFi only mini and wonder if I will really miss the LTE on the mini I am trading. I honestly only used the LTE on it maybe 3 or 4 times...