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  1. Badfishy

    Cracked back glass iPhone 5

    I dropped my iPhone 5 a few weeks ago and it landed just right to crack the bottom piece of glass on the back. It just shattered and stayed there. I wasn't using a case cause' I'm cool like that! I figured I could easily hide it with a skin or case and it wouldn't even be noticeable. I then...
  2. Badfishy

    WiFi hindered with case?

    I just got a case for my iPhone 5 and am noticing a deterioration in the speed and reception of my wifi signal with the case on. It's an Oakley brand case made with soft and hard rubber and plastics. There is no metal on the case so I wonder why the problem. I lose a bar in reception and speed...
  3. Badfishy

    What did you do with your Apple decals?

    So I was just looking through a drawer and found 3 sheets of the double Apple decals that came with my MacBooks and iPhones. I have no idea what to stick them on. What did you do with your Apple decals? Verizon iPhone 4S using iCafe app
  4. Badfishy

    OTA update this morning

    Does anybody know what the OTA update for my Verizon iPhone was this morning? It just asked me to do an update, but I'm not sure what it was for.