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    Jailbreak new iPod

    I was wondering if the MD model iPod touch can be jailbroken right now, even if it is tethered.
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    iPhone 3GS 3G Signal has stopped working?

    Have you tried a hard reset?
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    WHAT IS... your favorite car?

    Here are my 3: -Citroën traction avant 1952(tan-colored pic) -Cadillac De Ville 1959(blue pic) -Studebaker champion 1947(3rd generation, green pic)
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    iPod Touch not restoring

    MB models are 2nd gen models. It's like old bootrom(MB) vs new bootrom(MC).
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    iPod Touch not restoring

    Uninstall iTunes, and download it again from Apple. Then install the one you downloaded. You will not lose any music, apps, etc. I had the same problem. It is caused by a corrupt file or the mobiledevice file not working.
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    Thinking iPhone/Pod 5?

    Thats what I meant. I just wanted to say that a cellular data only iPod touch isn't a completely out-of-this-world idea. I guess I forgot to finish my thought.
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    Thinking iPhone/Pod 5?

    Keep in mind some people only want to pay for data but don't want a bulky device like the ipad(in terms of being able to carry it around, putting it in your pocket,etc.)
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    Any way to clear red notification badges?

    If you're on iOS 5, you can turn off the app badge in notifications.
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    iOS 5 beta 4 available

    Okay. Thanks!
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    iOS 5 beta 4 available

    How are these updates applied? Do you download the update and reboot?
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    How to delete iTunes from iPhone

    Yup. Works. App store still works with iTunes deleted.
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    How to delete iTunes from iPhone

    To add to my post above, navigate to /Applications. Delete and reboot. For safety, make a copy of it and put it in /var/mobile/media/downloads. I'll try it right now and tell you if it works.
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    How to delete iTunes from iPhone

    If jailbroken, use iFile and delete it. Or SSH.
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    iPhone 5 will release three versions?

    Wouldn't 3 different screen sizes mean all apps would have to be written 3 times over to be compatible(like when apps had to be updated for the retina display and the regular display?)
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    software 4.3.4 problems

    When you upgraded to 4.3.4, did you restore from a backup or set up as a new phone? If you restored from a backup that was from a jailbroken phone, that can cause problems.
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    iPod Touch 4th Gen Battery

    The iPhone 4 battery is larger in capacity, but it needs that extra voltage to run on the 3G/2G network (There are more processes going, and don't forget the GPS, compass, proximity sensor, and cell tower triangulation services). So the iPod touch and iPhone last the same time on a full charge...
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    iPod Touch 4th Gen Battery

    Sorry about making you wait! I got 2.5 hrs of 3D gameplay on a 4g iPod touch while a 3g iPod touch got only 1.5 hrs( 3D games are games that have high graphics but suck up power). I still have to test Internet browsing. Oh, and on Apples website they say the 4g gets 40 hrs of audio and 7 hrs of...
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    What was your first Apple product

    iPod touch 3rd gen. Still my only Apple product(so far!)
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    iPod Touch 4th Gen Battery

    It is significantly better. I'll tell you once I find out on a friends iPod 4.
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    iPod touch 1.1.5 -can utilities be added

    Lets see.... Have you tried a different USB port or iPod cable? If you have, it could be the network. Have you successfuly updated or restored an iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone on either computer?