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  1. John Tierney

    Zagg Extreme screen protector

    Recently installed. Having issues with sensitivity. Anyone know if it will go away after a few days when the clouding repairs itself, anyone have these issues. Not to happy about this. Also my first Zagg product.
  2. John Tierney

    iPhone 4 iOS 5 JB random reboot?

    Just JBed my iPhone 4 on iOS 5. All went smooth and all the packages I installed are running great. My problem is phone keeps rebooting itself at random times, going to the Apple logo, I plug into my PC and use redsnow to reboot and all is well again. This cycle has repeated itself for 3 days...
  3. John Tierney

    iPhone 4S is 4G?

    AT&T is displaying the iPhone 4S as a 4G phone. What up with that? Is this misleading or am I missing something?
  4. John Tierney

    Why wouldn't anyone want an iPhone?

    My sister called me today to help her with her new droid incredible she got last week. I'm not to familiar with it but it was fun playing with it for awhile. But as I played and liked it for aesthetic reasons only, I realized how much I love my iPhone 4 so much more. I asked her " why didn't you...