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  1. robhon

    AT&T SIM with legally unlocked iPhone

    Does anyone know if I can buy a legally unlocked iPhone in Hong Kong and still use my same ATT sim in the USA? I only want it to be legally unlocked so that I can pop a sim chip in when I'm working in China. (Which is frequently. I'm there once every six weeks.) TIA :smile:
  2. robhon

    Will Apple sell an unlocked 3G iPhone?

    I've added a poll regarding Apple and whether they will offer an iPhone 3G unlocked. What's your opinion?
  3. robhon

    How do you use your iPhone?

    How much do you use your iPhone as a phone vs as an iPod?
  4. robhon

    earbud cord management question

    How does everyone manage the cord for their earbuds (or headset)? What do you do when you're not using it? How do you run the cord when you're using it? Hanging free, inside your shirt or other? What, if anything, annoys you about your earbud or headset cord?
  5. robhon

    My 2 year old deleted my notes

    My 2 year old loves to play with daddy's iPhone. She's quite adept at many things. I can hand it to her in the sleep mode. She wakes it, opens photos and likes to scroll through pics of the family. She also likes to change my wallpaper. She loves to watch YouTube. Well, this morning she...
  6. robhon

    O2 chip in AT&T iPhone?

    Anyone know the answer to this question. If I go to Europe with my iPhone can I just buy an O2 chip and pop it into my US purchased/ATT iPhone? Similar question, will I be able to pop a China Mobile chip into my phone when I go to China, when the iPhone launches there next year? TIA
  7. robhon

    Ran into a problem with iPhoneSIMFree

    I'm on a mac and I have v1.1.1 on my phone and was trying to go through the unlock process. The instructions say to download the 1.0.2 firmware and gives an address at Apple but after unzipping the file the required firmware (as far as I can see, and as is described in the instructions) is not...
  8. robhon

    Anyone unlocking but still using AT&T?

    I'm wanting to unlock my iPhone in order to use it on businesss trips to China. Just wondering if anyone out there is having success doing something similar. Thanks! :2cool:
  9. robhon

    How many iPhones have you you gone through?

    Seems like a bunch of people have had to exchange their iPhones out for new ones for various reasons. Just wanting to get an idea of how prevalent the problems are.
  10. robhon

    Dropped call feature

    Don't know if anyone has posted this yet but I was just driving along talking to a client when my phone dropped the call. Then I looked down at my iPhone and it had this display: Call failed. Then next to that was a green button to call back my client. No searching around for the number...
  11. robhon

    Do you type one finger or two thumbs?

    So far I'm finding it really difficult to type with two thumbs. One finger seems to work well. Maybe later I'll try two thumbs as I get more comfortable with the interface.
  12. robhon

    Lag time with the unlock slide bar

    Anyone else notice this? If I wake my iPhone and immediately slide to unlock, the button doesn't slide for about a second. Then it just goes and opens normally. It's not a real problem. Yet. It seemed like yesterday it didn't do this and then now it does do it. I'm just going to try a...
  13. robhon

    Local Apple store sold out

    Our local Apple store here (Emeryville CA, - closest to UC Berkeley campus) is now sold out of iPhones. I had thought that Apple made enough to not run out but maybe the eBay crowd won't be so disappointed. The real story will be if the Apple online store sells out.
  14. robhon

    Modified Activation Poll

    I think whether your phone is activated and how long it took is more than just a yes or no question. Let's see if we can glean some information out of it here.
  15. robhon

    Yay! Everything went smooth as silk

    We (wife and I) were about the 20th person in line. There were about 30 store employees at the Apple store. More employees than customers at any given time. Within 10 mins of getting in the store we were out again. Loaded the kids in the car and headed home. My phone activation went off...
  16. robhon

    Emeryville CA - 20 in line @ 6:30am

    Security here seems unprepared for what is about to happen. They've got an area roped off that'll accommodate about 60 people. I'm thinking by the time 6pm rolls around there are going to be 600 to 1000 people here.
  17. robhon

    Kicked out from front of Apple store

    Dateline: Emeryville CA Me and 3 other fans got kicked out from the front of the Apple store in Emeryville. Security guard said that Bay Street is private property and thereforee they would not allow people to camp out over night. They open up the line at 6am tomorrow morning. So I...
  18. robhon

    Need submissions for a new poll

    Being that the best time killer until the 26th seems to be useless polls, I have a new poll I'd like to start. But I'd like to get submissions first just to narrow the list down. The poll will be "Vote for the best avatar on EiP." Rules for submissions: 1) You can't submit your own...
  19. robhon

    Solution to the data plan cost issue.

    I know one of the hottest topics on this site is the cost of the data plan that will be required with every iPhone purchased. But folks, there is a very simple solution. I suggest that everyone who is buying an iPhone should just go to their boss and ask for a raise that equals or exceeds the...
  20. robhon

    Everything iPhone is ROCKIN'!

    Anyone notice that we seem to be setting new records every day for the number of people logged on to EIP? Thanks, Chris, for making such a nice place to come visit!