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  1. sdge

    Will you be an iPad subscriber?

    Please tell me if you plan on subscribing to iPad, or your thoughts on it. What do I mean? Well, I am an iPhone subscriber. I have bought every iPhone generation there is. I will probably do this again in summer (unless I end up being able to get my hands on an HTC evo 4G). So the question...
  2. sdge

    How do I re-download all my apps?

    I had to restore my iPhone and reformat my mac and now all my apps are gone.... is there anyway to download all the apps I own to iTunes without downloading them one at a time? Thanks. i'm sure this has been answered before...
  3. sdge

    What to do about apps that just don't work...

    Okay, when I say don't work I mean the program just crashes at startup. This is the case with twitbit and ifog. When I run twitbit and then go to my timeline it just closes the program. When I run iFog and I touch the screen to write a picture, it just closes the program.... Can I get my...
  4. sdge

    How can I see all the apps I've ever bought?

    Okay, so I've bought a good number of expensive apps in my time, but I can't remember them all. I've totally reinstalled iPhone OS several times over the last 2 years, due to jailbreaking and iPhone beta and stuff, so I want to get back some of those old apps I bought, but I'm afraid of buying...
  5. sdge

    Tricks to get around 3.0's.... Beta-Ness

    So I have iPhone OS 3.0 as I'm sure many of you do, and there are certainly bugs in it. The most annoying ones I've experienced are with the iPod. I really hate not having the iPod being able to be used. 1. Problem: Sometimes if you open iPod and then immediately try to flick the songs it...
  6. sdge

    Jaadu vnc server usually 25$, but for 12 hours will be $5!

    I just got an email today saying Thursday at 11.59 pm September 18th jaadu, a program that is usually 25$, will be sold for 5$. 80% discount! They sent me this email because I actually bought touchpad pro for jailbroken iPhone so they are trying to give previous customers a discount. I...
  7. sdge

    This is madness (and no it's not sparta)

    Okay, once upon a time I hacked my phone (1.1.4) and used customize and had a desktop with that. Then I upgraded and I could never change my background. This was on my v1 phone. Today I just upgraded to 3g and I STILL can't change my background. It is the same as i have with customize...
  8. sdge

    Any reason for me and my mom to merge our AT&T accounts?

    That's essentially the question. We both have v1 iPhones. There isn't a snowball's chance in hell that she'd pay for my cell phone bill, BUT if it meant some reduction in fees if we had some family plan or something like that, she'd probably be okay with me paying her for my phone and her...
  9. sdge

    Need someplace to put your MacBook Air?

    The Steve Sleeve from Timbuk2. This is not a joke, but it is ridiculous.
  10. sdge

    telekinesis + 3G speeds and streaming video.

    I used to use telekinesis and did the proper trickery to be able to stream stuff off my computer at home and watch the video on my iPhone while not at home and using someone else's wifi. EDGE was obviously too slow. Now with 3G has anyone tried using telekinesis to stream video and had it...
  11. sdge

    When will 3G be jailbroken? Let's bet!

    I was thinking we should make a betting pool on when the program will come out that can unlock/jailbreak iPhone 2.0. I was thinking because the stupid law says it's illegal to bet money we should bet "thanks". If 100 of us do this then the 99 losers all thank the winner. Seems like fun to...
  12. sdge

    How much will iPhone 2 cost?

    I've been curious about how much it will cost. The first one came out for 600$, but then dropped to 400$ so quickly I wonder what they will introduce this new one for. A lot of Apple products stay the same price forever, they just come out with newer better versions of that product. I'm...
  13. sdge

    I killed my iPhone....

    This is what happened... I was jailbreaking my iPhone using ziPhone and then the white scrolling stopped for about 5 minutes, so i killed ziPhone and disconnected, now the phone is stuck with white scrolling reading "BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0" Am i just screwed or what...
  14. sdge

    Where on iPhone is music stored?

    What is the file directory in which the music is stored on the iPhone itself? like root/var/usr/... whatever. Anyone know, I did a quick google but couldn't find anything. also... where is video stored?
  15. sdge

    Is there an OFFICIAL date for the SDK?

    I know that the SDK is to come out sometime in February, but any exact date. I remember that the iPhone came out in June, but it was something like Jun 29th. Should I be expecting the SDK to come out on February 29th? Would it be safe to say there will be some kind of upgrade when the SDK...
  16. sdge

    How current are stocks?

    The stocks program gives you the the stock price, but how current is the price? 1 hour old? 5 minutes? The closing numbers on the day before? Anyone have any idea?
  17. sdge

    Is everythingicafe on your home screen?

    Simple question I suppose, I personally have it on my home screen.
  18. sdge

    Broken power cord for MBP.

    My sister has had a macbook pro for about 9 months now and her wire as broken right near the magnetic end. Doing a quick google search it looks like this has been happening to a lot of people and looks like Apple is making improvements on the product so it doesn't happen again. My question...
  19. sdge

    When are we going to get some accessories?

    I mean honestly! I see the same gripes here on the boards all the time. "WHere's the 3g? Why did the price drop 200$? I can't text multiple people at once" etc. While all of these points make sense, the one thing I was POSITIVE Apple would have was accessories. There are SOOOOOOOOOO many...
  20. sdge

    NES don't work anymore (SADFACE)

    I just updated NES emulator through and it doesn't work anymore. I went from version 1.RC4 (something like that) to version 1.0.0 and now it doesn't work anymore. I try to run NES now and it just closes immediately. I've tried restarts up the wazoo, and I'm thinking about...