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    Apple Component AV Cable

    I might of been mistaken, but I have seen an upcoming firmware update with video out as an option not to long ago. The new universal dock which includes an iPhone adapter will be released in 3-4 weeks according to the APple store. I am assuming that is when the new firmware update will be...
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    Music through Apple Bluetooth Headset I can hear music and sounds through my Apple Bluetooth Headset via selecting the headset in the phone's audio output select. Has this always been possible or new with this update?
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    How many here dropped Verizon for the iPhone?

    I did. So much happier!
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset Discussion

    Love It I was VERY lucky and picked up the last one at the Las Vegas Apple store. There was almost a fight over it! But the Doc is SO fast on the draw ha ha ha. Anyway, in my opinion it is smaller than what I've seen and the quality is better than what I expected, knowing that it did not have...
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    WUT is up with this Apple BT Headset delay?

    I hope that's the case, but those dates aren't set in stone. If there is a delay, you will get an e-mail with revised ship & delivery dates. I know this from past ordering from Apple. I hope you get your's as stated, I'm looking forward to getting mine soon too and keeping my fingers crossed...
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    OMFG no LYRICs support...

    In the works I heard that a lyrics feature is in the works.
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    Great little app

    Glad you find this useful. Let me ask you this, do you use all of those web apps? Wouldn't be nice to have just the web apps you actually use in one convenient location and displayed as what they are? I'll let in on a secret, it's called BOOKMARKS. It's the little book icon on the bottom of...
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    Great little app

    Wow, I thought we were going to drop this discussion, but I guess not. I'm glad in way, because maybe I'll be able to squash this "real" app vs. "web" app thing once and for all. A "true" iPhone app can be run directly from the main screen or through the Safari web browser. Apps that run...
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    Great little app

    A board with misinformation, yeah what a shock. :laugh2:
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    Web apps. Are you kidding me?

    more requests This is great, let's keep the list growing for things to develop. I'm always looking for things people for the iPhone.
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    Video is in mp4 but does not go on iPhone HELP!!

    What settings are you using?
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    Great little app

    Early on I bet it was nice here, but now that there are over a million iPhone users, this board is being flooded with misinformation, repeated posts and people with different sensitivity levels. I have written numerous posts helping others out and it's frustrating reading misleading information...
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    Great little app

    I know what you really wrote... Hey Van, that's cool. You found something and posted it. But didn't you read my response, do you understand where I and many others are coming from? By the way, you weren't very careful not to call this an app, thus the title of your thread "Great little app"...
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    Web apps. Are you kidding me?

    I'm glad to know I'll be able to make some money when my apps go on sale! It'll be really crappy and just because it's an iPhone app people will buy it. I'll make millions! Kidding aside, would you really pay $1000 for a "non-web app" right now? What if it was crappy but you didn't know it...
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    Weigh in on web apps

    What, Apple is in it for the money? I'm shocked! Hmm.. let's see... I'm a developer and producing apps is what I do to make a living, I guess I would be in for the money too! Oh no, what have I become! I am so ashamed of myself... I know I'll make a free web app, that iPhone users will love...
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    Great little app

    First off, welcome to the forum. I'm sure by now you've found a lot of useful information. It is not my intent to hurt anyone's feelings, it is just my opinion which many iPhone users share. I didn't call the poster any names and by my response I hope he/she, as well as others, now understand...
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    Great little app

    Seriously First of all, I would like to think us iPhone users have some level of intelligence and know the difference between an application and a webpage with just a bunch of links on it. I've seen these iinked webpages popping up calling themselves apps and it's pissing me off. As a...
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    Sweet Blackjack game for iPhone

    Now I can practice my card counting skills, thanks!
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    Weigh in on web apps

    Patience grasshoppers. I know, we all shelled out the big bucks and want to use the iPhone to play tetris, snake, soduku... personally I like Bejewled. Seriously everyone, just relax about the games, apps, ringtones, etc. not available YET. Believe and they will come... Are you seriously going...
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    WebVNC - Remote Desktop / VNC on your iPhone

    Interesting, I use TightVNC at work. How's the response time? Can you access your computer outside your internal network?