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    Mophie juice case

    I would buy them but since I'm a yearly updater, if the iPhone shape changes I'm screwed. This is the reason I sold my 3GS mophie juice pack air. Other than that I loved it. I wish I could get the air for the iPhone 4
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    Bumper ruined my iPhone

    Same with mine. And my friends and his brothers. Its really dumb, we are all buying new cases within the next week.
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    Seen a lot of app reviews but no book reviews...

    The hobbit
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    What's the point of renting HD movies on the iPad?

    Sad how people spend their time bashing something they don't like, instead of spending their time doing something they do like. Must have a very enjoyable life huh?
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    Question for anyone with the Apple iPad case

    Great case. I returned my incase sleeve. Me and my friend bought the Apple case. Another friend is having no luck finding this case. For almost a week all best buy, and Apple stores are sold out.
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    Did anyone else notice how small iPhone is compared to iPad?

    Loll? Serious question?
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    Dented my iPad

    Sorry to hear man
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    my WHOLE view of the iPad has just changed...

    Yeah. 3 of my friend's minds were also changed once they saw and used my iPad. Now 2 of them are actually buying the iPad this week. And the other is buying it eventually.
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    Question for anyone with the Apple iPad case

    Mine should be coming today, hopefully I can make the right choice on which case I should keep. Currently using the incase slide in case.
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    Battery Life on iPad

    Honestly the battery life is the ipads best feature IMO. I took it off charge 100% at 12:40 this morning. I have been using it non stop since then for Internet, email, music, YouTube, and now after 8 and a half hours it is at 33%. Not bad. This wouldn't be how I use it normally. Since I don't...
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    Will iPad release schedule be like iPhone?

    The real question would we know?
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    How many pre-ordered or reserved an iPad?

    Pre ordered 64GB WIFI version. Being delivered April 3.
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    How do Pre-Orders for the iPad work?

    So if you do instore pickup preorder, are you guaranteed one on launch day? Because when I bought my 3gs, I payed full a week before at AT&T and they had one reserved for me no matter when I came.
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    CNN Poll for iPad

    Wow well said. And exactly how I feel also.
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    iPad release date set for April 3rd, pre-orders start March 12th

    Wish it was earlier. However iam happy there's a solid date now. Can't wait!
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    Rumors of iPad delays

    Well iam already camping in line as we speak. Hope the next 3 weeks go by fast.
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    iPad vs. Heavy Rain

    I am getting both heavy rain and the iPad day one.
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    Using iPad for school?

    Same here man. I can't wait to get it for school, and I will be using the touch keyboard.
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    What are the 12 new apps?

    Wow krunk. How old are you?
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    Post announcement iPad purchasing plans poll

    I voted yes on release day. I can't wait to get this. Since I can have wordprocessing Internet movies and music on here for $500 less than a laptop and a great UI and design. It fits me perfectly.