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    Volume in 1 speaker?

    One of my biggest disappointments with the iPhone has been it's uselessness ( is that a real word?) as a speakerphone. Maybe this will fix that.
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    Forget iTunes

    Well here's the problem. If those songs were on your work computer and you synced from your home computer without those songs, then of course they get deleted. Seems pretty logical to me. As long as iTunes has been in existence, you've never been able to sync songs BACK to the computer from...
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    Looking for iPhone speakers

    The only one made right now that says it's made to work with the iPhone is the Bose SoundDock Portable. I've tried others and they work. One that intrigues me is the new Axiom Audiobyte Speakers. You can plug in any USB dock, so you'd be able to play your iPhone through that. You may need to...
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    Speakerphone after 1.1.1 update

    No change here. I'm pretty disappointed as the speaker phone was something that I knew I would use a lot. The way it is now, it's totally unusable for that except in an extremely quiet environment.
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    Case Mate Signature Leather Case?

    Yeah I've heard that the belt clip blows. I just leave it off and stick the phone in my pocket. On the other hand, I have also heard that the holster that goes with that case is very good.
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    Case Mate Signature Leather Case?

    I've had the case for a couple of months and take it in and out all of the time. What I do is lightly pull back on the top rear part before I slide it out. It's curved forward slightly to hold the phone in, so pulling it back a little makes it easier to get out. It's still in the same shape as...
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    MakeiPhoneRingtone from Rogue Amoeba

    Thanks. Just saw this and was going to create a post. Good thing I searched first. I would just add that it's Mac only. I've purchased a couple of programs from them in the past. They make some nice utilities.
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    Steve Jobs Open Letter: Issues $100 "Store Credit" for Early Adopters

    I don't think that Apple has announced the details of the credit yet. I'm sure it'll be plastered all over the place when they do. But just to reiterate, for all of those who don't want to accept theirs for whatever reason, I would be happy to take them off your hands. All your credits are...
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    Steve Jobs Open Letter: Issues $100 "Store Credit" for Early Adopters

    Anyone who feels that they don't want to accept their refund can send it to me! :laugh2:
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    V-Moda iPhone Vibe and Shure I2C-m-in-ear headset review

    Off topic, but would that be the Shure PSM 200? I've been looking at that one for a while. Can you PM me and let me know what you think about it? I've also heard good things about the M-Audio earbuds. I've been told that they handle the dynamics (particularly bass) of live music much better...
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    V-Moda iPhone Vibe and Shure I2C-m-in-ear headset review

    Until someone comes out with something that I am satisfied with, I'm using the Rivet stereo headset. It's not the greatest sound-wise, but it's very acceptable for the price ($20), and it doesn't fall out of my ears like the Apple buds did. At that price, I won't feel too bad about replacing...
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    Getting iPhone camera pics off

    On a Mac, go to your Applications folder and launch Image Capture. Go to Preferences and set the action to take when connecting a camera to none.
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    Alternative to stock earphones

    Just remember that there's a SIGNIFICANT difference in price.
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset Unboxed

    It's a similar design to the Apple earphones, but when I look at the two next to each other, the BT one is centered rather than offset like the stock earphones. I don't know if that is the difference, but I REALLY dislike the earphones, but find the BT headset comfortable, and it doesn't come...
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    How to wear the Rivet headphones.

    They aren't the greatest sound-wise, but very acceptable for the price. Once some of the other manufacturers start making completely iPhone compatible earbuds, then we can all take a look at ones with perhaps better sound quality. But these more than serve the purpose of replacing the Apple...
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    How to wear the Rivet headphones.

    Yes. Your post is the reason that I sought out those instructions. No reason to go nuts though, but at least it got you to sign up and start mingling.:smile: Thanks again.
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    How to wear the Rivet headphones.

    If you look here, I think this gives an even better idea of how it works. I hope you're enjoying the ear buds.
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    Apple Bluetooth Headset Discussion

    OK, just got one tonight and have not had time to really put it to use, but the one thing that I really want to let everyone know is that it totally feels like you have nothing in your ear, and it does not come loose easily. I absolutely dislike the stock Apple earbuds because they constantly...
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    For whoever has the new Rivet headphones...

    my opinion is that the bass is greatly improved over the Apple earbuds. unfortunately that's something that highly subjective. If you're familiar with Sony fontopias, I would say that they are on par with those, bass-wise.