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    Jailbreak new iPod

    I was wondering if the MD model iPod touch can be jailbroken right now, even if it is tethered.
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    Jailbreak section in icafe app

    I don't know if anybody else already asked this, but I noticed there is now a jailbreak section in the everything icafe app. This didn't used to be here. I thought Apple didn't allow the jailbreak section in the app?
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    Gamecenter problem

    There is something wrong with my gamecenter. It says I have 0 games, achievements, and friends. And where it should say "me" in the bottom left corner, it says sandbox. Sorry about the image; I edited it on my iPod.
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    Cydia wants to delete everything

    Every time I try to install, upgrade, or remove a package or source from Cydia, it wants to delete all my Cydia stuff. Is there a way to fix this(other than restoring)? Also, my iPod heats up a lot now, even when I'm just listening to music or surfing the Internet. Please help!
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    problem restoring iPod touch

    I have an Ipod touch 3rd gen 32 gb, and when I try to restore, downgrade, upgrade, or update my os, the status bar goes up to 95% done, and then stays there. I plug it into iTunes, it says I need to restore, I click restore, and then it seems like it works. The status bar says 95%, and then...
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    Can't take screenshots

    I downgraded from 4.2 to 3.1.3 on my iPod touch 32 gig 3rd gen and I can no longer take screenshots! I have tried rebooting and respringing. And I REALLY don't feel like a restore right now; I have already had to do that a couple times in one day. What should I do?
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    iPod touch Downgrade 4.1 to 3.1.3?

    I have an iPod touch 3g that has os 4.1 on it. I want to downgrade to 3.1.3; os 4 is not for me! I have saved my SHSHs, and on cydia it says I have SHSHs for 3.1.3, 4.0,4.0.1,4.0.2, and 4.1, but on tiny umbrella on the computer it says I only have SHSHs for 4.0.2! Is there anything I am doing...
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    Emoji keyboard

    I wanted to have an emoji keyboard, so I added the emoji keyboard under settings. The keyboard doesn't show up! I have friends with other iPods who say that they couldn't get the emoji keyboard to work, either. I have an iPod touch 3g running os 4.1. Any ideas?
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    AT&T contract

    If you have one of those two year contracts with AT&T, is it possible to put the contract on hold for a month or two? I go to Germany every year in the summer for two months, and I don't want to have to pay $120 for 2 months of no usage, or pay for international charges.
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    Song skip

    Every time I play a song and I am in another app, the song will skip 10-15 times while it's playing, like a broken record. It's annoying. All I have open is music, safari, and xplane hdef-4g. Also, the keyboard lags. Any explanations for this? I have a iPod touch 32 gb 3rd gen running os 4.0.2.
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    Why Apple doesn't put the battery percentage on the iPod touch?

    Does anyone have any clue why Apple doesn't put the battery percentage on the ipod touch? I was just wondering, because I would really like a precise battery percentage thing for the iPod touch. I know there is one on cydia, but I cannot jailbreak; I'm on 4.0.2.
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    Problem restoring

    I want to restore my iPod, but iTunes won't let me. Comes up with error code. I am running 3.1.3 and I want to stay on 3.1.3. I have downloaded the firmware, saved my shsh with tinyumbrella, clicked shift and restore, put device in dfu mode, and it won't let me restore. I have a iPod touch 3rd...
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    PC won't show iPod even though it is plugged in

    I have about 4,000 photos on my iPod. The problem is that when I plug it into my windows 7 computer and go to computer, it won't show the iPod touch as being plugged in. It also says that he device driver software wasn't found. I go to troubleshoot, and look for the device driver software. I...
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    Songs getting deleted

    Once again, I have another problem with my iPod. I had two albums on my iPod each with about 20 songs that I got from CDs. After a while, I noticed that songs from both albums Are being randomly deleted. One album has been completely deleted, and the other has 4 songs left in it. I never sync it...
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    I was playing a game on my iPod touch while it was charging. The back of the iPod was really hot. Then the iPod touch turned off, and when I tried to turn it back on, I would put in the passcode lock, and the iPod would freeze and turn off again. It did this about 5 times. I am pretty sure it...
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    Sell iPod touch

    I want to sell my iPod touch soon, so that I can buy the 4th generation iPod touch. It is a 3rd generation 32 gb jailbroken running 3.1.3. It is very badly scratched on the back with some dents. I will be selling the screen protector and case with it. The headphones and cable will also be added...
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    Bluetooth not working on jailbroken iPod touch

    I went into settings and wanted to turn Bluetooth on when it said "bluetooth unavailable". Why is it unavailable?
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    iPod touch battery dropped 13 percent in 2 minutes?

    My iPod touch was just finished charging, the battery icon having the plugged in sign. It said 100% battery life. 2 minutes later, the battery life goes down to 87%. any explanation for this?it has been plugged in this entire time, and I have not been doing anything that might drain the battery...
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    Can't change time zone

    Problem #1: A couple weeks ago, I changed the time zone on my iPod touch from Los Angeles to Berlin. The time was correct and it worked perfectly. A couple days ago, I tried changing the time zone from Berlin to Los Angeles, but whenever I try to do this, it goes back to the home screen. I have...