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  1. Kriss

    Nik Photoshop Filters Free

    Hi Everyone, Google just announced that they're now giving away the Nik Collection of Photoshop filters free. I have used these filters for years and they're great. They can be found here:
  2. Kriss

    Notes from iMac won't sync

    I use notes a lot on my iPhone and my iMac. I'm running the latest Yosemite OS and iOS 9 on my phone. The notes sync fine from the phone to iCloud in both directions. This leads me to believe that something recently changed on my iMac. There have been a few software updates and it looks as...
  3. Kriss

    Status bar icon next to battery.

    Does anyone know what this teardrop icon left of the battery icon is. It just recently appeared.
  4. Kriss

    New England Weather

    Good day to all my friends here on EIC. Just thought I'd mention the storm we're starting to get here. They say it's going to be the worst blizzard in 50 years. (That remains to be seen) . This is my first winter in the new house so we shall see how it "weathers the storm". I'm very glad I...
  5. Kriss

    This cable or accessory is not certified or may not work reliable with this iPhone

    Receiving this message on my iPhone 5. "This cable or accessory is not certified or may not work reliable with this iPhone" Anyone have this happening on the iPhone 5? It's a stock cable on my jailbroken phone.
  6. Kriss

    Not ready to give up jailbreak for iOS 7

    I tried to convince myself to upgrade to the new OS but I can't bring myself to get rid of my beautiful jailbroken screen on my iPhone 5. Those hideous large icons and pastel colors just don't make my phone pretty. I love the fact that my icons are small because I can shrink them. I love the way...
  7. Kriss

    Really Right Stuff: XC-iP5-GGB:Grey/Black

    I was just notified of this product and I have their custom made ballheads for my camera. I know the quality and precision of their products so when I saw this, it was a no-brainer...
  8. Kriss

    Incompatible Apps (or what scared me)

    The jailbreak of my ip5 went very smooth. Cydia was unresponsive until around 4am this morning. My main concern was to get logged into my account and see all my stuff listed. I started downloading stuff and after 3-4 resprings, I noticed I was in "safe mode". So I started working my way...
  9. Kriss

    iMac Waiting.....

    I'm not sure if it's my need for immediate gratification or or my need to control something that's out of my control...but this waiting is killing me. :rolleyes: It's worse than waiting three days for my iPhone to move from the "check-in" site to actually being out for delivery. I ordered it on...
  10. Kriss

    Man Bags

    I just thought this would make a good searchable topic for anyone looking for cases to carry a lot of their geeky stuff. I have looked everywhere for many years trying to find the perfect bag to carry my electronics and every day stuff. I've bought many and have always "settled on" because I...
  11. Kriss

    Mars Rover

    How come we can remotely control a vehicle on Mars, with such precision and technological prowess, yet..... my iPhone 5 loses Wifi signal when I go out on my deck?
  12. Kriss

    Siri Says...

    I love when she gives advice. :-)
  13. Kriss

    Gadget Bags

    With all the devices and their "accessories" we have, what kinds of bags/briefcases/purses do we carry all our iPhones, iPods, chargers, cables and "stuff" in. Right now I'm using a leather shaving kit black bag, very plain that I keep in my car with my stuff in. Does anyone know of any stylish...
  14. Kriss

    Photos look SO BEAUTIFUL on this screen.

    Hi folks. After playing with my phone for a couple days now I finally got around to actually looking at some of my photos (I'm a amateur photographer in my spare time). I looked at them full screen and did some screen captures because I was so impressed with quality over the iPhone 4. For your...
  15. Kriss

    iSheep (or, how different are we really) :-)

    I remember back when I had a Motorola flip phone seeing the first people who had iPhones. I was so jealous and wanted one more than anything. Every time I saw someone with one I would burn with jealousy. They seemed so cool and on the cutting edge. Now that I've had iPhones for years, I look...
  16. Kriss

    Bose Soundlink Hey everyone. Happy New Year. Just wanted to share my opinion of this speaker for iPhone, iPad and iPods. (also works with any bluetooth device). I've tried several bluetooth...
  17. Kriss

    My 4.3.3 upgrade of my 4.3.1 jailbroken iPhone 4

    There weren't a lot of instructions to accomplish this so I just winged it. I had my phone all set up the way I like it, after jailbreaking it with redsnow previously. I had purchased a copy of pkgbackup and did a backup to my dropbox account first. Then I just plugged my phone into iTunes and...
  18. Kriss

    Composite AV Cable

    Apple Part # MB129LL/A I am on vacation and wanted to watch my classic Star Trek episodes on my sisters TV. Since she has a older set, the component cable wouldn't work. I first bought a cheap $10 cable which plugged into the headphone jack but soon found out this doesn't work. After searching...
  19. Kriss

    1st AT&T Bill

    Well, today I got my first online bill for my first month of iPhone usage. My plan was for 450mins daytime and 5000mins evenings with unlimited data for 70.00/month with 200txt mssgs for an additional 5.00. To the layman, that adds up to 75.00/month but to AT&T, that adds up to 179.89. ? I know...
  20. Kriss

    Ringtones Created on a iMac

    I had a bunch of MP3 ringtones I've downloaded from various places over the years and I couldn't for the life of me find a way to import them into iTunes, UNTIL now. First load the MP3 files into iTunes(as ordinary MP3s). Then start Garage Band, New Project. Delete the existing tracks in the...