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  1. cliffeman

    Possibility of no Winterboard support for iOS 7?

    Doesn't sound like good news for those who theme their jailbroken phones.
  2. cliffeman


    Just noticed this in Cydia tonight. Has anyone tried it out yet? Could this be the replacement for Winterboard? There's no need to respring when themes are applied. Here's a youtube video demo. Holy Crap! Reading the comments on the video. It uses 100 MB's of memory! So it doesn't work...
  3. cliffeman

    iPhone 4 stuck on boot logo. Do not update Mobile Substrate in Cydia!

    I updated Mobile Substrate in Cydia this morning and rebooted my phone. Now it's stuck on the Apple logo. I did some searching and found others have had the same problem when they updated as well. I'm at work and don't have my cable! :dft007:angry:012:crying This has definitely ruined my...
  4. cliffeman

    My3G works with FaceTime!

    I know many of you don't like RockApp. I installed the trial and tested it. It works. It might also depend on how good your 3G connection is too. There were times when it froze. But it worked very smoothly. After a few minutes the call failed. It looks like they just updated their the app...
  5. cliffeman

    iPhone 4 Case Program in the App Store

    I didn't see is posted yet. But the case program according to Apple's website is available through the app store.
  6. cliffeman

    iPhone on Verizon in January I'm sure that should please all the AT&T haters. And piss off those that switched.
  7. cliffeman

    iTunes 9.1.1

    I just noticed the update a while ago. I was a little hesitant to update but i thought I already updated when i shouldn't have. What could go wrong. The sync errors are gone! I think it's safe to say you can update iTunes if you're jailbroken and have the sync error message. :ok:ok
  8. cliffeman


    I just saw thisin Cydia a while ago. Decided to give it a try. It works pretty good so far. It let's you scroll through your springboard without having it stop at the next page. It even allows you to stop inbetween pages.
  9. cliffeman

    People of Walmart That is one funny site a co worker had be check out this afternoon. :laugh2::029:eyeswideopen
  10. cliffeman

    MMS poll

    Just curious to see how many people have gotten MMS to work on a phone with a family plan or single line. I'm on a single plan and mine is not working. Two friends I've helped load the .ipcc files were both on family plans and it's worked for them. This isn't to really prove that it's working...
  11. cliffeman

    You can J/B 3.0.1 with Redsn0w 0.8 using 3.0 firmware

    If you have not already read or heard. You can jailbreak 3.0.1 with Redsn0w 0.8. You just need to have redsn0w verify the 3.0 IPSW instead of the 3.0.1. I just noticed this on the Cydia under the "Upgrading to 3.0.1? Read This" section. So I think i'm going to wait and see what Saurik is...
  12. cliffeman

    3Gunrestrictor now available in Cydia

    Just noticed it this morning. The app cost's $2 but it sounds like it worth it. They claim it does a lot more than VoIPover3G. Here's the description & features from the more info page. 3G Unrestrictor is an iPhone application which allows you to go around the iPhone's limitations while on...
  13. cliffeman

    Winterboard working for 3GS

    Update your Mobile Substrate in Cydia and Winterboard will work! YAY! :D :D
  14. cliffeman

    Winterboard Settings in Cydia 3GS read!

    This just popped up in Cydia a while ago. This is NOT a fix for the 3GS. So do not try to install it! It only puts winterboard in your settings and remove the icon from the SpringBoard.
  15. cliffeman

    Battery life on 3GS after jailbreak?

    For everyone who's jailbroken their 3GS. What has your battery life been like so far? For me, it's been about the same even before the jailbreak. Right now I'm running SBsettings, intelliscreen, Cydelete, OpenSSH, Elert and Tlert. As far as lag. I have not noticed any lag opening apps or using...
  16. cliffeman

    Email from Apple about activation

    Not sure if that was posted yet. But I received an email from Apple about delays in activating my account. Dear Apple Customer, Thank you for your recent Apple Store order. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience caused by the delay in your iPhone activation. We are...
  17. cliffeman


    Just noticed this in Cydia. It gives gives you the option to set fetch to check your mailboxes every minute. Not sure how much battery it's going to drain.
  18. cliffeman

    Alleged Wolverine workprint leaked online... It appears to be real. April fools on Fox! Gotta love karma.
  19. cliffeman

    Anyone try Sweetooth yet?

    Just saw it on Cydia a while ago. The description says it's the first Bluetooth stumbler.
  20. cliffeman

    Cydia Apps List

    Here is the new updated list. The other will be deleted (unfortunately). I ran into a small problem with the other one. I ran out of characters allowed per post. So the only way to solve it was to create a new thread. So, i'm sorry to everyone that posted on the thread. Like the other list, I...