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  1. Iwantmymtv35

    HaHaHaHa App

    Being the Joker fanboy that I am, I was browsing through the App store yesterday and found this awesome app that lets you "Jokerize" yourself. Sure it's a marketing ploy for the Dark Knight, but it's one hell of a cool application, using the same technology as Sketches. I think it looks...
  2. Iwantmymtv35

    Summerboard Help

    I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, Once I download a Summerboard theme, how do I apply it to my iPhone?
  3. Iwantmymtv35

    Do you think that Apple will allow us to upgrade our iPhones?

    Do you think that when Apple releases the 3G iPhone or whatever it may be, they will allow us to upgrade our phones while under contract? I know some phone providers allow people to do this; however, you have to pay full price. I really think that Apple will allow this since so many people...
  4. Iwantmymtv35

    How to convert a .mp3 or iTunes file to an .m4a file

    How can I convert one of my iTunes files or a .mp3 to a .m4a? I'm curious on how to do this because I am going to attempt the custom ringtones hack.