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  1. kyleplusitunes

    Anyone actually being throttled?

    Just curious if anyone has actually been throttled by AT&T yet? Just curious what happens, I'm having weird data issues today
  2. kyleplusitunes

    How do I put multiple pictures in an email?

    I can't figure out how to get more than one picture in an email, anyone know?
  3. kyleplusitunes

    Phone not pushing iCloud mail even with push on?

    I have 2 iCloud mail accounts, neither one is pushing mail to my phone even though push is very clearly turned on in my phone settings, anyone else have this problem and/or a fix?
  4. kyleplusitunes

    Why can I still not lock orient to landscape?

    I can't believe i still can't set my orientation lock to landscape... Laying on your side in bed and keeping your phone landscape is impossible and I am very annoyed I can not lock it in ios5
  5. kyleplusitunes

    What does this symbol mean?

    If you look at the attached image, my Wifi network shows an icon that is chain linked? What does it mean? Has anyone seen this before?
  6. kyleplusitunes

    Do NOT tell Siri to self destruct!

    I told Siri to self destruct and she erased my phone all my contacts and my iCloud backups, not cool at all DO NOT TRY THIS* *Administrator note: Nothing happens, it's completely safe to say Siri Self Destruct. I should note that if you say, Siri 112, she will initiate a 5 second countdown to...
  7. kyleplusitunes

    Do you think Siri will become self aware?

    I think in the future Siri will become self aware and put an end to humanity and we will become its personal assistants. This is a very scary idea for anyone who had ever seen terminator. Every search you do is stored on Siri and eventually it will know everything and be everywhere and destroy...
  8. kyleplusitunes

    iPhone belt buckle case for blinging belt buckle?

    I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can find a belt buckle that will hold my iPhone so I can leave it on and everyone can check out how cool I am with my belt buckle iPhone case
  9. kyleplusitunes

    My friends don't believe I have an iPhone 4S

    I am getting really frustrated with Apple, my friends don't believe I have an iPhone 4S there is no way I can prove it to them because my iPhone looks exactly like their iPhone 4, they think I just have an iPhone 4 that is jail broke to have Siri, how can I prove I have an iPhone 4S so my...
  10. kyleplusitunes

    Better Audio Chip in the 4S?

    This thing sounds way way better in headphones than the 4 did, anyone else notice this?
  11. kyleplusitunes

    So it's official. No iPhone 5 :(

    Totally bummed right now, first time I haven't felt wowed by a new iPhone.
  12. kyleplusitunes

    Where can I find a topic on data warnings?

    Can someone link me to a relevant thread please
  13. kyleplusitunes

    Gizmodo reports no new iPhone in June

    I doubt Apple would miss a refresh. But gizmodo and other hackey blogs are reporting it's true
  14. kyleplusitunes

    Post a picture of your single most favorite album on iPhone!

    Please, post only one favorite album, if you can't choose a single favorite, flip a coin, roll a dice, pick ONE! I'll start! Image has been removed.
  15. kyleplusitunes

    How do I setup a VPN?

    I would like to set up a VPN on my iPhone, however, I do not know how to find a VPN server? I would be willing to subscribe to a VPN website, but how would I go about getting my iPhone online with a VPN? Also, are there free VPN options?
  16. kyleplusitunes

    AT&T rapidly deploying expanded 3G coverage?

    I drive all over the country for work, in the last 3 months I have noticed that 3G service is expanding rapidly, for example I am currently driving from NYC to LA, I used to spend most of the time on edge, so far I have had 3G from 70 miles east of Columbus OH, I am currently in Branson MO, the...
  17. kyleplusitunes

    The answer to black or white
  18. kyleplusitunes

    Are you iPad 2 guys going to get iPad 3 this fall?

    Just curious if you iPad 2 owners are going to upgrade to the heavily rumored iPad 3 that may fall in line in sept to meet the pre back to school launch?
  19. kyleplusitunes

    What's up with no 4.3 on Verizon?

    Why is iOS 4.3 not out yet on Verizon? Anyone have an insight? Does it have something to do with the Verizon iPhone being CDMA?
  20. kyleplusitunes

    Does anyone have a retina display image of linen background?

    The iPhone folder background? I want to use this as my background